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My sports idol «Yana Kudryavtseva»

1. My sports idol.

«Yana Kudryavtseva»
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• Goal:
• Tell a biography of my sports idol;
• Share your attitude to the achievements of this athlete;
• To interest others with the sport in which my sports idol achieved
• A task:
• Achieve universal respect for this athlete


Biography :
Kudryavtseva Yana Alekseevna At a young age, this girl reached
unprecedented heights. She is a 13time world champion in rhythmic
This is a kind of record, because Ian
Kudryavtseva managed to become
the absolute world champion in 15
years . However, it could not be
otherwise, because Yana was born in
the family of a famous athlete.
Father of the girl Alexey Kudryavtsev
- Olympic swimming champion in
It was he who brought up a strong
character in his daughter and instilled
a desire to overcome all obstacles on
the way to sports peaks


Yana was born on September 30, 1997 in Moscow. My mother's
name is Victoria. Yana Kudryavtseva took up gymnastics in 4 years.
Dad turned out to be a familiar coach in this sport. Hearing that he
is recruiting a group, Alexei Kudryavtsev asked to see his little
daughter. He then did not think of medals or ranks. I just wanted
Yana to have a great posture and figure, which all girls dream about
in the future.


Yana Kudryavtseva went to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in
excellent shape. Many predicted victory for her. And Yana nevertheless
rose to the podium, having won a silver medal in individual all-around.
As early as 2015, at the World Cup stages, the girl felt discomfort in her
leg. But, overcoming the pain, she won 5 gold medals. Later it turned
out that Kudryavtseva injury was a fracture of her leg (foot). And in
2016, after the Olympic Championships, it was announced that the
athlete was completing her career.


• The youngest gymnast who has become
• the absolute champion of the world (at the age of 15). The record previously
belonged to Alina Kabaeva (Russia) and Elena Karpukhina (USSR), who won allaround in 16 years.
• The first gymnast, who won individual all-around in the debut season.
• The first gymnast, who received 19 points on a new 20-point refereeing system
(European Championship 2013).
• The record holder of the 1st European Games in Baku by the number of gold medals


Yana personal trainer is Elena Korpushenko


I believe that it is Yana Kudryavtseva who deserves the greatest respect.
She achieved many successes in the field of sports, and spent much energy
to become the best gymnast in the world. Due to her merits, millions of people
know her.


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