Dinning etiquette
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1. Dinning etiquette

25 Strange Food Etiquette Rules.


• In Thailand don't put your fork in your mouth rather use it to put the food on
the spoon and eat from that
• In United Kingdom make sure you turn the soup bowl and the spoon
vertically away from you
• In Japan chopsticks are used to pass bones during funeral so they should
never be used to pass food
• In China you should burp at the dinning table if you enjoy the food
• In Mexico you should never eat a taco with a spoon and fork it's like eating a
burger with a spoon and knife
• In France they don't eat their bread as an appetizer


• In China flipping a fish while cooking is bad luck
• In Chile, people typically don't eat anything with their hands not even the
French fries.
• In Korea, drinks from others are accepted with both hands .You shouldn't
start eating until the eldest from the male sits and starts eating .
• In Russia ,hardly anything should be mixed with vodka not even ice it's seen
as "dirtying " its impurity .
• In Middle East ,If you find yourself drinking coffee when you finish make sure
to shake your cup otherwise they will keep pouring more .
• Cambodia,Egypt,Korea finishing all the food in your plate signifies the host
didn't feed you enough .


• In Japan, finishing your meal signifies the meal was good.
• Innate members of Canada would fart to show their appreciation of the
food .
• Don't cut your salad with a knife in France.
• In Tanzania,its considered to be rude to be on time for dinner you should be
between 15-30 minutes late for dinner.
• In China, you should never point at people with your chopsticks is seen as
• In England banana should be eaten with a fork and knife .
• In Italy you should never ask for extra cheese unless it's offered to you .


• In Portugal ,you should not have salt and porsponam if they are not on the
table ,it's considered offensive to the chefs seasoning abilities and all
together cooking skills .


25 Dinning Taboos From All Over The World That You Should Remember


• Empty bottles of vodka should be placed at the ground putting them back
to table is seen as bad luck .
• In China ,you should never cut your noodles ,long noodles symbolizes long
life .
• In Indonesia you should keep both hands on the table at all times.
• In Italy, always politely decline the first offering of the food upon the
inevitable second offering always accept .
• In Jamaica ,people believe if children eat chicken before they can speak
they will never talk ,So don't feed chicken to babies
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