Chernigov and its famous places
Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral
The Trinity monastery
the monument to the Prince, who died at the hands of protesters
photos of Chernigov
photos of Chernigov
photos of Chernigov
photos of Chernigov
photos of Chernigov
Mound the "Black grave
Chernihiv Collegium
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Chernigov and its famous places

1. Chernigov and its famous places


According to the legend, Kyiv was named in honour of the local
Prince — Black. Today there are many different legends and stories
associated with the city name. For some of them, the name of the
city associated with the name of the daughter of that Prince of
"Black" that jumped out the window princely Palace, to avoid abuse
by the enemies that stood a siege around the city. Other legends
say that the Chernihiv owes its name to the dark, dense, "black"
forests, that once surrounded the city.A renowned translator of
"Mahabharata" Boris Smirnov (1891-1967) born in S. Kostanic in
Chernihiv, noted that the name of Chernihiv means "Black Tour" and
Cimmerian Tmutarakan — double Chernigov names of the Trustees.

3. Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral

Transfiguration Cathedral is fivedomed Cathedral in Chernigov. The
oldest preserved monument of
ancient Russian architecture. Its rich
interior decoration by the remains of
frescoes, the carved choirs plate,
floor, columns

4. The Trinity monastery

The Trinity monastery in Chernigov
has a thousand-year story of his life,
he is the pearl of Kievan Rus, which
have been preserved to our days.
The monastery's architecture, which
includes many other temples,
mesmerizing in its grandeur and
magnificence in the style of Ukrainian
Baroque. Trinity-Elias monastery is
located on the Boldin hills, offering
unforgettable views of ancient

5. the monument to the Prince, who died at the hands of protesters

1147-the year, during riots against
Izyaslav in Kiev, the crowd broke into
Kiev Fyodorovsky monastery (located
between present Vladimir, the tithe
and Velyka Zhytomyrska streets) and
grabbed Igor. The Prince-monk was
killed, his body dragged through the
streets. With 1150 in the relics of
Prince launched in Chernihiv

6. Gums

The city on the Gums:
* Ukraine — Novgorod-Seversky,
Chernigov, Oster, Kiev

7. photos of Chernigov

8. photos of Chernigov

9. photos of Chernigov

10. photos of Chernigov

11. photos of Chernigov

12. Mound the "Black grave

Mound the "Black
Burial mound in Chernihiv women and men
was carried out according to the
cremation ceremony. Next to the soldiers
who were buried in full military gear, was a
weapon - a sword, two swords, a spear, a
saddle with stirrups, helmet, pieces of
armor, arrowheads and shield with copper
salary. Buried near women was ten sickles.
In the West of the hearth was twelve
barrels and two iron vessels. Also in the
course of excavations there were found
many ornaments, tips of belts, silver and
gold bullion is melted in the fire jewelry, a
bronze vessel with the dough - dice, locks,
keys, chisels and axes.

13. Chernihiv Collegium

The first educational institution
institution of higher level in the
territory of left-Bank Ukraine.
Founded in Chernigov in 1700 by
Archbishop John (Maksimovich). The
building of the Collegium was built in
the Ukrainian Baroque style on
means of Hetman Ivan Mazepa.

14. End.

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