The Faculty of Natural Sciences
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The Faculty of Natural Sciences

1. The Faculty of Natural Sciences

By Irina Gonchar


The Faculty of Natural Sciences has six Departments.
They turn out ecologists, biologists, chemists,
geographers, hotel managers and tourism specialists.


At the Ecology Department studying agricultural disciplines students
come to realize man’s responsibility for survival of Natural. Ecology is
the study of interaction of living and non – living organisms and their
environment. The graduates of Ecology Departments poses practical
skills in mapping and are well – versed in ecology.


At the Chairs of special biological subjects students receive
comprehensive knowledge of Nature. Biology is the study of
living organisms and a man is a reasonable one among all of


Courses in organic and inorganic chemistries give would be
specialist an insight into the chemical structure of animate
and inanimate matter.


The Tourism Department turns out tour – operators,
tourism managers, animators, guide excursionists.


A specialty of the faculty is summer field practices in the most
picturesque spots of Ryazan and other regions. Students are
also involved in research work. The results of their
investigations are presented at the annual scientific


The faculty offers all facilities for physical
training and theatrical activities. Students take
part at the performanes of Students theatre


Only to those who enter our faculty
will Natural disclose all its secrets.
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