Genres of books
Value of books for people
A Book Review
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Books and writers


2. Keywords

3. BOOKs

4. Writers

5. reading

6. Genres of books

7. Value of books for people


Different people have
different reading habits.
Same people read for
pleasure and fun. They
choose books according to
their tastes and interests.
Many people in the modern
world read for information.
They find facts in the books
or with the help of modern
telecommunication system
and Internet.

9. A Book Review


My hobby is reading. I have recently started
reading the book «Farewell to Arms» by Ernest
Hemingway. It is about the war against the
fascists. A young American officer was wounded
and was sent to hospital. Certainly, he fell in love
with a beautiful nurse.


It is a great book about sincere human feelings,
love and desire to live. I strongly advise you read
this book, because the book teaches us to
respect people and peoples feelings. I think that
reading helps people to discover more colures of
the world, it teaches us to express our thoughts
and feelings.
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