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National dishes

1. Moldova

This tiny
republic is
ethnically very
close to
except for the
regions of
Gagauz and

2. Hominy

Hominy prepared from
corn flour milled. Its
slightly dried and sift
through a sieve. Prepare
it in the pot in boiling
water or milk, add a
little salt to taste and a
little corn flour and let
boil. Then go to sleep
your entire meal at the
same time, stirring
constantly with a rolling
pin or wooden spatula
and cook on low heat for
30-40 minutes.

3. Belarus

It is one of the three
Slavic republics of the
former USSR, with a
population of about 10
million people. Its
intention is to merge
with Russia into one
state: the Union of
Russia and Belarus.
However, this proposal
meets with opposition
in both countries.

4. Kulaga

Fresh berries go, wash,
put on fire. When the
berries seethe, add flour,
diluted in a little water,
and add honey or sugar.
Stir and cook over low
heat, until the dish is
not acquiring jelly
consistence. Kulaga
served with pancakes,
white bread and milk.

5. Ukraine

It is the third largest
republic of the former
USSR, with a population
approaching 50 million
people. With millions of
ethnic Russians living in
Ukraine and ethnic
Ukrainians living in
Russia, both countries coexist peacefully as good

6. Borsch

Cooked in meat broth, fragrant
pepper and garlic, sprinkled
generously with dill and
parsley, seasoned with fat sour
cream - it is always the king of
the kitchen. Dish of dishes.
Infants under one year of
borsch vegetables rubbed
through a sieve.What else
distinguishes the Ukrainian
borsch? The national dish of
the South Slavs have laid with

7. Armenia

A small
country, close
to Russia. A lot
Armenians live
in Russia.

8. Barbecue

Shish kebab is cooked
over charcoal, give the
firewood burn, or - on
the finished charcoal.
Skewers with meat must
be periodically rotated
for even baking on all
sides. At the "frying"
pieces, threaded on
skewers, traditionally
used blow fire "fan" and
spraying water on the
burning wood chocks
for knocking down the

9. Azerbaijan

A Muslim
country with a
population of
about 10 million.
It is very rich in
oil and has very
good trade
relations with

10. Ovdukh

For the preparation of
hash whipped yoghurt
and diluted with cooled
boiled water. Cucumbers
cleaned, chopped and
then chopped greens. All
this is mixed with the
diluted yoghurt, added
salt, garlic and put in a
refrigerator. Serve cold. In
some cases, ovdukh add
boiled and finely sliced
beef and hard boiled
boiled egg. Usually
ovdukh prepared without

11. Georgia

This is a small republic of
about 5 million people,
mostly Orthodox. It was
suspected of supporting
the Chechen rebels, which
considerably worsened its
relations with Russia There
are also problems relating
to three Georgian regions:
Abkhazia, Adjaria and
South Ossetia, who wish to
become independent.

12. Acharuli

Acharuli or Ajarian khachapuri.
To say that acharuli - it tastes
good - it means nothing to say.
It's just a magical dish from
which it is impossible to break
away. Adzharuli preparing a
boat, and after the baking of
the dough into the center is
sure to drive the egg and put a
piece of butter. Then adzharuli
again placed in the oven and is
preparing 10 more minutes
until, until thickened protein.
Adzharuli served hot to the
table and eaten simply on

13. Kazakhstan

It is the second largest
republic of the former
USSR, with a
population of about 16
million. It is an active
member of the CIS and
participates in various
integration processes.
Russia’s most
convenient rocketlaunching site is still
there, at Baikonur.

14. Kuyrdak

In the heated cauldron to put the
rump. heated with oil. remove
In boiling oil to put his heart and
roast 15 minutes. After frying the
heart removed, set aside.
Meanwhile, in the remaining fat fry
light. 15 minutes later he was also
postponed. put in a cauldron liver.
roast 10 minutes. add to liver heart
and lungs, chopped onion. roast 10
minutes. pour broth. simmer for 15
minutes. Add salt and pepper to
taste. Put the potatoes, simmer on
low heat with the lid closed for 20
minutes remove from heat in
kuyrdak lavrushki put a couple of
leaves, feeding dish garnish with

15. Uzbekistan

This country, with a
population of 24
million, used to
have a large
proportion of
Russians who have
now mostly fled the
country. The capital
Tashkent is the
biggest city in
Central Asia.

16. Shurpa

In the menu of the first Uzbek
dishes corona considered
shurpa (shurva, Shurpa,
shurbo, Shoreview, chorpa,
shorpo, sorpa). Shurpa - is the
thick rich soup that gives
strength faint and strengthens
the strong. There are two main
types (preparation method) of
this magical dishes - kaynatma
shurpa and Kovurma shurpa
and more varieties
formulations, given also the fact
that in every region of
Uzbekistan has its own
peculiarities and culinary

17. Kyrgyzstan

This mostly Muslim
country, with a
population of 5
million, remains
very loyal to Russia.
The Russian
language has been
adopted as the
second official

18. Shurpa

Diced meat and fat with
cold water and cook
until soft, then add the
onions, carrots,
tomatoes, potatoes,
sliced, sweet pepper and
cook until everything
ready. When serving
sprinkle with herbs. In
the finished dish meat
and vegetables should
retain their shape, broth
- clear, fat - with a
golden hue.

19. Tajikistan

With a
population of 6
million, this
country is in
proximity to
Afghanistan and
seeks military cooperation from
Russia to protect
its borders.

20. Hissar

Potatoes cooked in their
skins and then purified.
Boiled meat, cooked
carrots, cucumbers and
tomatoes, all cut into
cubes. Onions finely
chopped, sliced boiled
eggs. Products are
thoroughly mixed, add salt
and pepper. Laid out in a
salad bowl sprinkled katyk
ingredients (sour milk) and
decorated with slices of
egg, all this beauty
sprinkled with chopped
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