My favorite artist
"The kiss"(1907-1908)
"The Three Ages of women"(1905)
"Golden Adele"(1907)
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My favorite artist

1. My favorite artist

Дементьева Анна

2. Biography

O Gustav Klimt was born in July 14, 1862 in
Baumgarten, near Vienna in Austria-Hungary. Gustav
Klimt famous Austrian painter and one of the brightest
representatives of art Nouveau. Klimt is noted for his
paintings, murals, sketches, and other objets d'art.
Klimt's primary subject was the female body.
O Early in his artistic career, he was a successful
painter of architectural decorations. A little later, Klimt
became one of the founders and President of the
Vienna secession. In 1918, Gustav Klimt died in
Vienna of pneumonia. He was buried in Vienna.

3. "The kiss"(1907-1908)

"The kiss"(1907-1908)

4. "The Three Ages of women"(1905)

"The Three Ages of women"(1905)

5. "Golden Adele"(1907)

"Golden Adele"(1907)
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