The capital - BERLIN
Berlin Cathedral
The Berlin wall
The headquarters of BMW, in Munich
Bavarian Alps
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Germany. Capital is Berlin

1. Germany


2. Location

The official name is the Federal Republic
of Germany. Germany is a country in
central Europe. The population is over 82
million people. Capital is Berlin. Official
language is German.


Washed by the waters
of the Baltic and North
seas. It borders with
Denmark, Poland, the
Czech Republic,
Austria, Switzerland,
France, Luxemburg,
Belgium and

4. The capital - BERLIN


Berlin is one of the 16
states in the Federal
Republic. The city is
situated on the banks
of the Spree and
Havel in the center of
the federal state of
Brandenburg, of
which it is not (since

6. Occurence

1237 is considered the official date of foundation of Berlin. The city
originated from the twin urban settlement of Berlin - Koln . Cologne
was located on an island on the River Spree, and Berlin opposite it,
on the east bank.

7. Economy

Berlin is an economic center not only in Germany, but
also in the EU as a whole. Mainly developed are the
electronic industry, engineering, transport
construction, the city is an important trading center,
the venue for international trade fairs, exhibitions.


Berlin is a
transportation hub; a
network of canals
connects the city with
the rivers Elbe and
Oder. Berlin has a
complex and diverse


Berlin Metro (German U-Bahn
Berlin) is an important
transportation hub of the city.
The oldest Berlin subway in
Germany was opened in 1902.

10. Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral is the
short name for the
Evangelical Supreme
Parish and Collegiate
Church in Berlin,
Germany. It is located
on Museum Island in
the Mitte borough. The
current building was
finished in 1905 and is
a major work of
Historicist architecture
of the "Kaiserzeit".

11. The Berlin wall

The Berlin Wall The Berlin Wall is an Engineering equipped and
fortified state border of the German Democratic Republic and West
Berlin (13 August 1961 - 9 November 1989) with length of 155 km,
including in-dash Berlin 43.1 km. In the West until the end of 1960 in
respect of the Berlin Wall was officially called as "shameful wall."

12. Hamburg

Hamburg is one of the largest
seaports in Europe, located at
the confluence of the Elbe
into the North Sea. Hamburg is
the first among European
cities by the number of
bridges (various sources from
2300 to 2500). In the city of
more bridges than Venice
(400), Amsterdam (1200) and
London combined.

13. Munich

Munich is the third largest city
in Germany, behind Berlin
and Hamburg. Munich is the
capital and the largest city of
the German state of Bavaria.
It is located on the River Isar
north of the Bavarian Alps.

14. The headquarters of BMW, in Munich

15. Bavarian Alps

Bavarian Alps are located in
Germany's southern border. It is the
most elevated part of Bavaria,
Germany. Bavarian Alps occupy a
vast area in the south. This region is
rich in lakes, picturesque valleys, has
a rocky terrain.


Germany is a country
of magnificent castles.
They are a great
many, and many of
them are among the
most beautiful in the

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