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Unilever Brand Key Model Apple watch


Unilever Brand Key Model Apple watch
Shevchenko Dmytro


Apple Watch - wristwatches with
additional functionality (smart watches),
created by Apple and presented on
September 9, 2014.


1)Competitive environment: Samsung, Xiaomi, Asus
female or male 20-45 years people who
are busy, active, healthy, on the move.
Upper class Social class. People who are
interested in new technologies and are
lead active / sporty lifestyle
3)Consumer insight:
Modern young people who want to get a
beautiful fashionable gadget that will be
an unusual accessory with which you can
view notifications and partially manage
your iphone without getting it out of your


— Functional: Notifications, quick stats,
health. Personal trainer on your wrist.
Water resistance, do not need to use a
mobile phone while running, convenience
— Emotional: Communion to new
technologies and innovations in the world
of technology. This is a very beautiful
device. Thanks to the skill of designers,
the user literally feels an emotional
connection with the device.
5)Values and personality:
- Active lifestyle
- Monitor your health
- To stay connected
- expansion of smartphone functions
Modern man who is interested in modern
gadgets, is a fan of the company Apple, is
engaged in sports and leads an active


6)Reasons to believe:
Apple Watch is a product of the worldfamous Apple brand from California,
which is a well-known manufacturer of
software and electronic devices.
Bright sports straps in different colors,
built-in functions for training. Stylish
design and famous brand.
8)Brand essence:
Watches that help to lead a more active
lifestyle, it is better to monitor health and
always stay in touch.
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