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My best friend


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In my opinion, everyone should have a best friend
who can support in difficult times. This person
understands you perfectly, knows about you even a
little more than you are.
Fortunately, my life is such a person. My friend
name is Oksana.


Let's start with a description of the
exterior of my sweetheart :) Oksana is
very cute and cheerful. She is of
medium height, a little shorter than
me, because it is active and eats little,
so she had a slim figure. My friend has
a rounded face and slightly upturned
nose. Xenia has a good sense of
humor, so often smiling. Thus on her
rosy cheeks appear small dimples. She
has big brown eyes. In her eyes almost
always felt enthusiasm and kindness.
Her hair was a bit shorter than my
dark blond color. :)


We have been friends since early
childhood, we have a lot of common
interests and hobbies. For example,
we read the book of one of the genre,
we love spending time together. It
should also be noted that we have
with Oksana are very similar
But it's not
about looks,
but rather in
the nature.
. We are united by such qualities as
kindness, compassion, honesty.
These features are shown and with
respect to each other. Personally, I
respect the views of his friends,
often listen to it.


Played a major role in our friendship
and the fact that we were in the same
class. That is to say, all the free time
we spend together.
helped each other
with home
urokomi, visited
some clubs and
walked together.
And also in our common interest to
play an important role and
medicine, for the further future we
picked it up. I remember a lot of
different events as sad and joyous, are
dear to us both.


I can be absolutely sure to Oksana. She
is incapable of meanness, would never
betray me. I think the most important
thing in friendship - is to tell the truth,
in any case, not cunning. Oksana also
adheres to this rule, and always offers
me the truth, however painful it
sometimes was not. My friend shows
me an error trying to correct me for the
better. Of course, sometimes it is not
very nice to hear, but I understand that
Oksana law. That's what I appreciate
her more than anything.
Unlikely in my life met a people like
Oksana. I am more than confident that
our friendship will last a long time. At
least, I'll make this all possible.


Thank you for your attention :)
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