The role of the Russian language in the world/ Learn Russian!
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The role of the Russian language in the world

1. The role of the Russian language in the world/ Learn Russian!

2. Introduction

I’ve chosen this project, because I’d like to tell you about
one of the greatest languages of the world. It’s Russian


At the moment Russian language spread occupies the fourth
place in the world. It is second only to English, Chinese and
Spanish languages, which occupy the first, second and third
places respectively.
Also it is considered the most difficult language and the most
widely spoken language in Europe — both geographically and by
number of native speakers as a native.
Anything in the world, Russian is spoken by about 260 million


It plays a very important role in the world at the moment:
Russian language is the state language of the Russian Federation, one of the two
state languages of Belarus, one of the official languages of Kazakhstan,
Kyrgyzstan and some other countries, the main language of international
communication in Central Eurasia, in Eastern Europe, in countries of the former
Soviet Union, one of the six working languages of the UN, UNESCO and other
international organizations.


I think that Russian language is being taught though, because:
Among languages in which translated books, and Russian — on the 7th place;
Among the languages with which most translate, Russian is on the 4th place;
In 2013, the Russian language came in 2nd place among the most popular languages
on the Internet.

6. Conclusion

The main source of development and
power of the Russian language is the
desire to creativity of the Russian
people, the centuries old traditions of
men of science, art and politics of
Russia and the creation of
masterpieces of Russian literature
and rich cultural heritage. All this
made Russian the language of a
highly developed and rich, full world
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