“Hero of our time”
Grigory Pechorin
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Mikhail Yurjevich Lermontov



Mikhail Yurjevich
Lermontov was born on 15
October 1814 in Moscow.
He spent his childhood
and youth at Tarkhany, his
grandmother's estate in
the province of Penza.


In his childhood, young Michelle was sick a lot
and in 1825, his grandmother took Lermontov
for the first time to the Caucasus.
With this begins an incredible love for the
southern place.


In 1830 Lermontov
entered the Moscow
University, but very
soon he had to leave it.
Then he entered
St. Petersburg School of
Cavalry Cadets.
He finished it and served
in the Hussar Regiment of
the Imperial Guard.


In 1837 Pushkin died.
His death produced a
strong impression on
He wrote a poem “Death
of the Poet” which
displeased the Tsar.
Lermontov was
immediately exiled to the


However, two years later, after
another participation in the duel, with
the son of the French ambassador
Ernest de Barant, Lermontov is back
in the Caucasus.
He was ordered to be in the army.
Lermontov took the punishment with
excitement: he took part in many
battles, including the battle on the
river Valerik. He dedicated the poem
“Valerik” to this fight.


For numerous feats and
courage, Lermontov was on
the list of heroes, but the
Tsar personally struck him
out. In April, the poet
received an order to leave the
city in 48 hours back to the
The fatal quarrel with
Nikolai Martynov happened
in Pyatigorsk. The duel was
He was killed. The most tragic
under Mashuk mountain.
thing was that he could be saved
Lermontov refused the right then. But comrades instead of
to shot
searching for the doctor went to
drink. So the great writer died.


Lermontov began writing when he was very
young. One of his first writing to be
published was his verse tale "Hadzhi Abrek".
But he won fame as a poet after his poem on
Pushkin's death was published. Lermontov's
poems "Demon", "Mtsyri ".
His great novel "A Hero of Our Time" and his
play "Maquerade ".
Lermontov was also a talented
painter. He played musical
instruments and was fond of

9. “Hero of our time”

This is the largest and most significant
work of M.Y. Lermontov.
“Hero of Our Time” is the first Russian
realistic psychological novel in prose.


The plot and composition of the novel consists
of five stories. The stories are united by
common characters and a common title. In the
center of the novel's composition is Grigory
Maksim Maksimych
Knyazhna Meri

11. Grigory Pechorin

Grigory Pechorin The time hero in the introduction to
the novel is characterized as “a portrait made up of the
characteristics of our entire generation in their full
development”. But we have before us a bright
individuality that everyone likes: Bela, Mary, Vera,
Maxim Maximych loves Pechorin. The writer also
sympathizes with him, although he exposes his hero to
strict judgment.


With all my heart I love
Lermontov and the novel "The
Hero of Our Time" is one of
the important steps in the
understanding of the author.
"The hero of our time" is unique and it is wrong to
compare it with "Eugene Onegin". Yes, the main
characters are extraordinary people who are
looking for a place in life, but Pechorin is a more
extensive character. His attitude to life is strange
despite his honesty, he often live differently than he
feels and this is a conflict with himself.
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