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Robert Downey Jr


Downey Jr


Family and personal life
was born in Manhattan, New York on
April 4, 1965, the younger of two children. His
father, Robert Downey Sr., is an actor and
filmmaker, while his mother, Elsie Ann, was an
actress who appeared in Downey Sr.'s films.
Downey and his older sister Allyson grew up in
Greenwich Village. During his childhood,
Downey had minor roles in his father's films.
moved to New York waiting for his debut,
but he was able to achieve popularity only after
he moved to Hollywood.


► In
1985, he was part of the new, younger cast hired for
Saturday Night Live, but following a year of poor ratings
and criticism, he and most of the new crew were dropped
and replaced. That same year, Downey had a dramatic
acting breakthrough when he played James Spader's
sidekick in Tuff Turf and then a bully in John Hughes's
Weird Science
► Because
of these and other coming-of-age films
Downey did during the 1980s, he is sometimes named
as a member of the Brat Pack.


Downey starred in blockbusters such as► the Avengers:
the war of infinity-Part II; the Avengers: the war of Infinity;
Iron man(my favourite film); Sherlock Holmes; The
Incredible Hulk; Due Date and many others.


I believe Robert Downey
Jr is the best actor,
thanks for watching.
► The
was made by Danil
Lifanov 8A
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