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Food. Balanced diet




* Balanced diet
* You have probably heard or read quite a lot about "healthy
eating": don't eat too much of this ... eat a bit more of that.
But there are really only two important rules for healthy eating.
* Firstly, eat a good variety of different sort of food. The best
way to be sure that you eat a good variety is to choose from the
main groups of food and to have them regularly in your diet:
* Fresh fruit, vegetables and salad.
* Cereals: rise, pasta, bread and other grains.
* Protein foods: meat, chicken, fish, eggs, beans or nuts.
* Dairy products: cheese, yogurt, milk.
* The second thing to remember is the quantity of food that you
eat. Don't eat too much. Be especially careful with some foods try not to eat too much sugar or fat or salt, for example.


* Find extra word
* 1. carrot, tomato, pepper, bread.
* 2. lemon, water, banana, apple.
* 3. chocolate, peas, ice cream.
* 4. juice, coffee, tea, ice cream.


*Find the words in the word-snake:


Guess the riddles:
*It is green, big and round. Rabbits and goats like it.
*It is yellow. Monkeys like to eat it.
*It is orange and long. Rabbits like to eat it.
*It is yellow, not sweet. I drink tea with it.


*Food in the UK . I interviewed Joe Kelly. He'said 14
and he lives in Exeter. He has toast or cereal for
breakfast, and fruit juice. At lunchtime, he
sometimes has sandwiches, or he eats in the school
canteen. He has pizza or a burger. He usually has a
snack when he gets home from school, for example
a packet of crisps. For dinner he has pasta, or meat
and vegetables, or fish. Joe's favourite meal is steak
and chips. But not all British people eat meat.12% of
people in the UK are vegetarian. Some popular
meals in the UK are: curry (that's indian, spaghetti
Bolognese (that's italian, pizza(that's Italian
too,chilli con Carne (that's Mexican),and fish and
chips( that's English).
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