Santa Claus Village
Greetings from Santa Park, Santa’s home caver!
Elf School
Mrs Claus Gingerbread Kitchen
Santa’s Office
Calligraphy School
Ice Gallery & Ice Bar
Four Seasons – Sleigh Ride
Elf Workshop
Post Office
Merry Christmas!!!
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Santa Claus Village

1. Santa Claus Village

Шкільний євроклуб
СЗШ № 42

2. Greetings from Santa Park, Santa’s home caver!

One year as Santa was returning from his long
Christmas journey, I stopped for a rest on a
hillside at the northern Arctic Circle. This is
when he cames up with a splendid idea: an
underground network of caves could be made
inside the hill, a place where he could welcome
friends, a place with everlasting Christmas! The
cave was given the name SantaPark, the Home
Cavern of Santa Claus. This cave, overflowing
with Christmas spirit, has been welcoming
guests since 1998.

3. Elf School

SantaPark’s Elf School teaches ancient elf
secrets all through the year.
. Those attending Elf School have the
opportunity to graduate and be awarded a
personal Elf School Certificate as a mark of
your achievement at Elf School.

4. Mrs Claus Gingerbread Kitchen

The enticing aromas of the Gingerbread
Kitchen beckon Elf Pupils to decorate
gingerbread baked by Mrs Claus using her
secret recipe.
The Gingerbread Kitchen also serves delicious
mulled wine and other refreshments and
delicacies that you can savour immediately or
take home.

5. Santa’s Office

The heavy wooden door creaks as you enter
the candle-lit, atmosphere-rich office.
Santa Claus wishes children and adults alike
a very warm welcome to his office.

6. Calligraphy School

At SantaPark's Calligraphy School,
traditional old-fashioned elf writing is
practiced under the supervision of elves.

7. Ice Gallery & Ice Bar

. In the Ice Gallery, visitors will learn about
Finnish nature in the form of spectacular ice

8. Four Seasons – Sleigh Ride

Ride the sleigh to experience the magical Arctic
Winter of Lapland.
At the end of the ride the sleigh runs through
the Elves' Toy Factory where there's lots of
busy work going on throughout the year.

9. Elf Workshop

In the Elf Workshop you experience the joy of
creation and perhaps allow your imagination
to fly make your own best ever Christmas

10. Post Office

SantaPark’s Post Office is certainly no ordinary
post office. It works with Elf Magic!
Cards and letters sent from the SantaPark Post
Office are all stamped with a special stamp,
and you can also send Christmas cards ready
for next Christmas or have them delivered
straight away!
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