Tatiana Ilyuchenko
her achievements:
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Tatiana Ilyuchenko. Honored Sports Master of Russia (cross country skiing)

1. Tatiana Ilyuchenko

Sports Master of Russia
(cross country skiing)


She was born on December 19, 1973 in Barnaul.
Multiple World and European champion, multiple World Cup winner among poorly
seeing athletes, the member of five Paralympics: Salt Lake City (2002), in 2006 in
Torino she won a gold, two silver and one bronze medal.
In 2010 she became the world champion and bronze medalist of
Paralympics in Vancouver.
Since December 2011 she is a Member of the
Legislative Assembly of the Altai Krai, the
Chairman of the Social Rolicy Committee.


Hard work, constant desire to achieve high her aims allowed her to achieve the
highest athletic results not only in Russia, but also on the international level.
Since 1993 of the Russian Paralympic team.
The Multiple champion of Russia, the winner of numerous European and World
Championships, World Cup winner among poorly seeing athletes, the winner and
the medalist of Paralympics Honored Sport Master of Russia.
Honored Master of Sports of Russia. She was awarded the medal "For
Merits to the Fatherland” in 2007 she received the Thanks of the
President of the Russian Federation.


At he age of 7 she moved to Biisk to study in the boarding school for poorly seeing
At the age of 14 she began to go in for a the letics.
The first success came in 1986 when she won the junior championship of Russa in
athletics for poorly seeing athletes.
After her marriage and her daughter’s birth, Tatiana Ilyuchenko returned to sport.
But not to athletics and to skiing,
Tatiana won 4 gold medals.
In 1997 at the European Championships

5. her achievements:

(2006) at the Paralympic Games in Torino, she won four medals: one gold, two
silver and one bronze.
(2010) She became the world champion the and the bronze medalist of
Paralympic Games in Vancouver.
(2011) the multiple winner of the World Cup in biathlon and cross-country skiing
(Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia),
the World Cup,
the winner of the "Crystal Globe" for third place in the overall World Cup
biathlon and cross-country skiing among poorly seeing sportsmen.

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