Attractions the novokuzneck
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Attractions the novokuzneck

1. Attractions the novokuzneck

Tomilov David PR-15


Symbolizes the a hard time from
1941 to 1945. The center of a
wreath is symbolic platform with
eternal fire, which was lit on Jubilee
melting KMK.


Are annually held
events dedicated to
the Victory Day.
Boulevard Heroes


In the center of the square is a bust of
Nicholas Yermakov. This sculpture is
was mounted on the charities money
that have donated people of the city.
Square named N.S. Ermakova


Novokuznetsk Drama Theater was founded in November
1933. At first he housed the in a wooden building. And in
1963 was built a new modern building, it is how we can
see it now. The theater is located in the very center of
the city, near the Theatre Square. This is one of the
oldest theaters in the Kuzbass.
Drama Theater


Cathedral the Nativity of Christ is located in
Novokuznetsk, in Ordzhonikidze district, on the street
Ziryanovsk. It is the largest cathedral in the Kuzbass and
the metropolis belongs to the Russian of the Orthodox
Church and was built in memory of 67 of miners who died
in 1997, as a result of methane explosion at the mine
Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ


Church of St. Arhistratiga Michael is
associated with a difficult period of the
revival of Orthodoxy in Novokuznetsk in
the postrevolutionary years. The temple
was built and opened in 1947.
Church of St. Arhistratiga Michael


Kuznetsk fortress is one of the oldest historical
and architectural monuments of Novokuznetsk. It
was built in 1820 on Mount of Ascension on the
decree of Emperor Paul I.
Kuznetsk fortress


Saviour Transfiguration Cathedral of is located in the city of
Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region. It is located in the central part
of the city, on the street Vodopadnaya. It is the oldest Orthodox
Cathedral of Novokuznetsk, built in the 18th century. The temple
was erected 43 years old, which affected its architecture.
Saviour Transfiguration Cathedral


Church of St. Martyr John the Warrior works since 1994.
All services are held only protoirey Basil Lihvan. Located
on the outskirts of Novokuznetsk. This temple unique it
is the only place in the Kemerovo region, where there
passes cleansing of the "soul" of man, deliverance from
of sins by special methods.
hurch of St. Martyr John the Warrio


The old
Temple for
60 years
decorates the
streets of
k, became
abode for
of convicted
in Soviet
times people.
Church of St. Nikolay Mirlikijskogo


The basis of the
composition a copper
kopeck has been laid,
which is minted in
Russia in the early 17th
Monument kopeck


Monument "Black
Tulip" is set in one of
the squares of
Novokuznetsk in honor
of inhabitants the city
who were killed in
armed conflicts in "hot
spots". The idea of
creating his first
emerged after the end
of war in Afghanistan,
and then for quite a
long period of the initial
project was modified
several times. It was
installed in the summer
of 2007.
Monument "Black Tulip"


Devil's Bridge in Novokuznetsk is its unofficial
attraction. The bridge is very popular among the
citizens, and especially newlyweds that come
hither to hang a lock. Devil's Bridge is located
near else by attractions of one of the Kuznetsk
ground - Kuznetsk fortress. This place is famous
for in that the it is possible to observe the
Devil's Bridge

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