Климат США. The climate of the USA.
Nevada desert. Пустыни Невады
Florida. Флорида.
Hawaii. Гавайи.
Alaska. Аляска.
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The climate of the USA

1. Климат США. The climate of the USA.

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U.S. territory is so large and diverse that it can be
seen in a variety of climate zones. The main factor
determining the climate in the USA, is the atmospheric
jet for transporting air masses and moisture from the
North Pacific ocean to the continent.

3. Colorado

To the West, in the States of
Texas, Casas, Nebraska,
South Dakota, North
Dakota, new Mexico,
Colorado, Wyoming,
Montana, Arizona, Utah,
Idaho, Washington and
Oregon area is semi-arid
(arid) climate. It is
characterized by dry
summers and relatively wet

4. Nevada desert. Пустыни Невады

In Nevada, Utah, Arizona
and California are US
desert with an arid
climate. Precipitation is
hardly known here,
summer temperatures
can exceed 45°C, winter
night to fall to 0°C.

5. Florida. Флорида.

For the southern coast
of Florida has a
tropical wet
(monsoon) climate.
Warm all year round,
the summers are hot
and humid, and
winters are short, warm
and dry.

6. Hawaii. Гавайи.

Tropical climate
and Hawaii. There
is no dry season,
hot and humid all
year round.

7. Alaska. Аляска.

In Alaska, the
northernmost state in the
United States, the
climate varies from
Maritime on the coast of
the Pacific ocean to
subarctic and Arctic in
the North of the

8. The END.

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