The title and logo of company
Our slogan
Mission statement
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My company


by Auksė Petkevičiutė
and Beata Urbanovič

2. The title and logo of company

3. Our slogan

To give and then not feel that
one has given is the very best
of all ways of giving. 
Max Beerbohm

4. Mission statement

The Perfect Gift shop, we believe
beauty inspires authentic, joyful living.  It
is our mission to provide beautiful gifts,
products and services to those who wish to
live an inspired life!

5. Product

The Company are offer a diverse line of small gifts
(figurines, statues, etc.), greeting/holiday cards,
candy, and other gifts.

6. Capital

Manager is seeking to raise € 50,000 from
as a bank loan. The interest rate and loan
agreement are to be further discussed
during negotiation. The business will receive
a 7 year loan with a 9% fixed interest rate.
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