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My idol in artistic gymnastics Aliya Mustafina


Olympiad «Learntowin!»
My idol in artistic gymnastics
Performed: Kolokolneva Kseniya, 61101
Examined: Ibraeva Albina Farhatovna
Kazan 2016


• Who is Aliya Mustafina?
• The beginning of sports career
• Adult career
• Injury
• The Olympic Games 2012
• The Olympic Games 2016
• Personal life


Who is Aliya Mustafina?
Aliya Mustafina Farhatovna – Russian gymnast
She was born September 30, 1994
Two-time Olympic champion (2012 and 2016),
five-time Olympic medalist, three-time world
champion, five-time European champion,
multiple winner of world and European
Honoured Master of Sports


The beginning of sports career
When Aliya was 6 his father gave her to the sport section
Then Aliya won one competition after the other, she
became a champion at the III Student Games
After that she stopped her trainings because of conflict with
her first coach - Dina Kamalova
But soon she began training again with a new coach Alexander Alexandrov


Adult career
In 2009 Russian championship in the women's allaround Aliya won
In 2010, the first start after a long break caused by
injury, became the fourth stage of the World Cup
(2- balance beam, 4 – uneven bars)
At the 2010 European Championships in
Birmingham she won a gold medal in the team
As a result of performances throughout the season
and model of training on the "Round Lake" was
included in the squad for the World Cup 2010 in
In the all-round Aliya won the
medal with a
score of 61.032 points


April 8, 2011 Alia hurt his leg in the first form in the all-around
finals at the European Championships - when landing after a vault
After the examination, the German doctors had diagnosed the gap
left knee cruciate ligament
Due to the long-term rehabilitation Aliya missed the World Cup
and began training at 3 months after injury
Everybody thought that the gymnast will never be able to
perform at the same level, but Aliya claimed:
«Fear as there was, and is not»


The Olympic Games 2012
Aliya won
in the team all-around (Aliya Mustafina, Kseniya
Afanaseva, Victoria Komova, Anastasia Grishina, Maria Paseka)
Aliya won the bronze medal in the individual all-around
The competition on the uneven bars Aliya won the
(16.133 points)
In the floor exercise Aliya took the bronze medal


The Olympic Games 2016
Aliya won in the Russian team the
medal team championship
She also won bronze medal in the
individual competition
The second time in a row she won the
champion title in exercises on uneven
Alia said that after the Games will take a
two-year pause, and then resume training in
preparation for participation in the Olympic
Games in Tokyo


Personal life
Since September 2015 met with bobsledder team of Russia
Alexey Zaitsev
November 3, 2016 she got married with Alexey Zaitsev
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