Outstanding Figures of Great Britain
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Outstanding figures of Great Britain

1. Outstanding Figures of Great Britain


Great Britain made а great
contribution to the science,
literature, music and arts of the
world. It gave mankind а lot of
outstanding scientists, writers
and poets, musicians and
painters. Thomas More, who
lived in the 15th century was an
outstanding humanist, scientist
and statesman. His work
“Utopia” brought him worldwide
acknowledgement . Many
prominent people were
influenced by his ideas of а free
democratic state described in


William Shakespeare is one of
the most famous writers in the
world. His plays “Romeo and
Juliet“, “Hamlet, Prince of
Denmark“, “King Lealmost
every language and staged in
every theatre. He described
the characters and feelings,
which can be called
international and living
ar“,“Macbeth”were translated
into forever.


Daniel Defoe, Robert Burns, Walter Scott, Charles Dickens, Lewis
Carroll are only а few names well-known all over the world. William
Hogarth, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Gainsborough, John Constable
contributed to the world’s painting treasures.


Great Britain has also
given the world many
outstanding scientists.
Alexander Fleming,
the discoverer of
penicillin was born in
Scotland. He spent his
working hours almost
entirely in hospitals
and laboratories. His
discovery of penicillin
did more to help
suffering people than
anything else for
centuries. When he
died in 1955 his old
friend said: “ by his
work he relieved more
1ng than any other
living man“.


Ernest Rutherford, а
famous English
physicist worked in the
field of
brilliant researches
established the
existence and nature
of radioactive
transformations. He
was one of the
founders of the atomic
theory of physics and
creators of the first
atomic model.


M.Faraday made his
major discovery in
the field of
electricity -the
induction. He also
made several
observations on the
conductivity of
different materials.
Enjoying world-wide
popularity, Faraday
remained а modest
man, who rejected
high titles.


of them
considered hard
labour and love for
mankind to be the
main reason of their


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