St Petersburg State University
University Embankment
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St Petersburg State University

1. St Petersburg State University

2. University Embankment


The long red-and- white building is the main building of St
Petersburg State University (architect Trezzini, 1732). It’s
one of the oldest buildings in the city, designed in the early
18th century for the 12 ministries of Peter I known as
"Twelve Collegia”.


In 1819 the University of St Petersburg was founded. Many outstanding Russian
scientists, writers, public figures were among its graduates: Mendeleyev, the
founder of the periodic table of elements; physiologists Pavlov, Mechnikov,
Sechenov, writers Turgenev, Chernyshevsky, Nekrasov and others.
Here Lenin passed his exams as an extern student of the Law department in 1891.
For more than 290 years, St Petersburg State University has been committed to
advancing science and training highly qualified professionals.


St. Petersburg University is
the second oldest and the
second largest university in
Russia. It is considered to
be one of the best schools
in the country. It has 16
departments with more
than 30 thousand students.
SPbU is one of the leading
one universities.
On the left there is a
monument to the 18 th
Russian scientist


The SPbU has two campus complexes: the one is
in the Basil Island and the second is in the Old
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