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School Uniforms in different countries


2. Introduction

Let’s take a look at the school uniform of different countries. For many
nations the school uniform is a cultural tradition. There are a great
number of different uniform colors and shapes, but we’re going to
present you only some of them that we found most interesting.

3. Japan

The Japanese school uniform for girls,
It consists of a blouse in sea style and
a pleated skirt. Shoes with a small hill
and knee socks are absolutely

4. Great Britain

School dress code is very strict
in England.
Every school has its own school
uniform and symbols.
Many schools made genderneutral uniforms.

5. Australia

Their school uniforms resemble
the British ones very much, only
they are more open and light.
Many schools also require
students to wear hats due to the
very hot climate.

6. Cuba

There are a few
variations of uniforms
in Cuba: white top
with yellow bottom,
and blue top with
dark blue bottom.
They also have white
shirts and red
sundresses or pants
with a necessary
element — a tie.

7. Indonesia

The Top is always white, but
the bottom can be red, dark
blue, or grey. The most
interesting part comes later:
after the students pass
a national exam, they
celebrate their
“freedom” by painting each
other’s uniforms different
colors using markers and
spray paint.

8. China

Chinese students
have a few sets
of uniform: for
holidays and
ordinary days, for
summer and
winter. Everyday
uniforms for girls
and boys are
almost identical
and they look
a lot like

9. Vietnam

The girls from high
school can wear
a white national
costume- “ao dai.”
In some schools, girls
wear them only
on special occasions
and ceremonies.

10. Syria

The school uniform
in Syria was changed from
the dull khaki to brighter
colors (blue, grey, and
pink) long before the military
conflict due to political
reasons. It symbolized the
wish to live in peace in the
Middle East.

11. Bhutan

The girls’ clothes
are called “kira” and
the boys’ are called
“gho.” Kids used
to carry all
textbooks and
school supplies
in the clothes, but
now they have
backpacks and
other bags.

12. Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, students
have to wear white
uniforms. Girls wear
dresses with ties, but
the sleeves and collars
can be different. Boys
wear white shirts and
blue shorts. On special
occasions, boys wear
white shorts.

13. ‘Stylish but cozy’

14. ‘comfortable sport-style wearing’

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