The first success
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Yung Lean is a swedish rap artist

1. Person


2. Biography

Hastad was born and raised in
Stockholm, on södermalm.
Hosted met Yung Sherman and
Yung Gud in a local Stockholm
Park, later found out that they
like the same music. Together
they formed the Hasch Boys
team, which consisted of
Lean'a, Sherman a and Gud'a,
as well as other people who
later became part of Gravity
Boys and Shield Gang.

3. The first success

Yung Lean began to attract public
attention in 2013 when his video for
the track "Ginseng Strip 2002" went
viral on YouTube. In the same year
he made his first official releases;
Unknown Death 2002 and an EP
titled "Lavender". The track "Ginseng
Strip 2002" took the 44th place in the
"Top 50 songs of 2013" according to
the website Consequence of Sound,
while Vibe included a mix of
"Unknown Death 2002" in "10 most
overlooked debut rap mixtapes of
2013", describing it as "a natural
development of the freely
associative, often nonsensical
rhymes of Lil B with a more acute
sense of melody".


In 2014, Yung Lean and Sad Boys embarked on
the tour, "White Marble Tour" and visited North
America, and of 24 European cities.
In 2015 Yung Lean and Sad Boys performed at a
concert in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the fall
premiere of the video Hoover, at the end of the
clip is a teaser of the new album "Warlord".


In January 2016, Yung Lean has released a collaborative
single from Swedish rapper Thaiboy Digital - "How U Like
Me Now". A little later, the artist released a music video for
the track "Hoover", at the end of the video which was
seen teaser for the album "Warlord". Jonathan himself said
that the album will be released in February 2016 and will
be released in memory of the Barron the Mahat. 25
January in the network were uploaded to the old
unfinished tracks, which were given for the new album.
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