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Suzdal is the town in Russia

1. Suzdal

2. location

Suzdal is the town in Russia, an administrative
center of Suzdal, Vladimir region. Located on
the river Kamenka, a tributary of the river Nerl,
in 26 km to the north of Vladimir.

3. About suzdal

Suzdal is a city-reserve, part of the Golden Ring
of Russia.
The town of Suzdal was founded on the banks of
the river Kamenka in 1024. Nowadays Suzdal is
an important place for tourism with its fine
examples of old Russian architecture.
The population of Suzdal makes 9978 people.

4. Importance of suzdal

Suzdal has a huge tourist value. The town has a
hotel and a complex of tourist enterprises.

5. Economy of suzdal

The basis of economic activity in the sector of
the town is focused on reception and service of
tourists: hotel business, catering, etc.
There is also the plant of production of a mead
works and "Shop of souvenirs of the city of
Suzdal" in the town. Residents actively develop
subsidiary farm.

6. Education in Suzdal

In Suzdal there are two secondary schools.

7. Culture of Suzdal

Since 2002 in Suzdal tourist complex annually
Open Russian Festival of Animated Film is held.
Every second Saturday in July Suzdal Cucumber
Festival is held in the town. Venue - Museum of
Wooden Architecture.
Since 2010, hosts the annual Festival of Russian

8. What is suzdal famous for?

Suzdal is also well-known for an incredible
amount of churches and monasteries built in a
small area of the town.
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