My favourite creator of soundtrack
Toby Fox-Bergentrückung
toby fox-Bonetrousle
toby fox-CORE
toby fox-Heartache
Toby Fox-Spear of Justice
toby fox-Death by Glamour
That's all that I can tell you about Toby the Fox and his work. More detailed information is in the wiki
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My favourite creator of soundtrack

1. My favourite creator of soundtrack

2. АХТУНГ!!!

Да, ахтунг на русском, т.к. я хочу предупредить
что презент полностью не доделан, т.к. все
данные на флешке слетели, следовательно
были стерты и видеоматериалы. Да, в этом
презенте должны быть видеофайлы, но они
помахали ручкой, так что придется
довольствоваться иконкой
громкоговорителя, где будет
воспроизводиться аудиофайл
(рекомендация: сделать звук потише, а то вдруг
как бомбанут колонки =) )


I greet you, my friends. In this presentation I will tell
you about my favorite Creator of music - Toby Fox


It’s he
Toby “Radiation” Fox also known under the
name FwugRadiation —
music composer and
game designer. He
developed the critically
acclaimed RPG Undertale
and created soundtracks
for her in 2015. His avatar
is Annoying dog.


Toby Fox started as a forum participant
EarthBound, Starmen.Net under the name
"Radiation", where he led the web site PK Hack
forum 2011.For the first time went public with
the infamous "EarthBound Halloween hack", also
known as, "Push the button B, dummy!", which
was brought up for Halloween Fanfest
Starmen.Net 2008. Toby Fox has also created the
music for Homestuck, and then he wanted to
create tales of zestiria, which was partially
developed in the basement of Andrew hussie


Undertale - one of his great
It was released on September
15 in 2015-m to year, and at the
moment is world-renowned in
all societies. Toby invested in it
all his soul (and lazy) and
wanted this game to teach us
that we need to appreciate life
(the way of the pacifist) that it
makes no sense in the
massacres (the way of
genocide). Even at the end of
the genocide, replaying the
game several times this way,
one that meets us at the end,
says that another way would
have been more preferable.


Извините, что скрин на русском, будь чуть больше времени, был бы на английском. Это не так то просто, знаете ли.


Closer to his music. I like his work because they (soundtrecks)
impregnated with a character, give a sense of the atmosphere that's
going on there
In his album there are a total of 101 songs, tracks 78-101 are considered
The following slides will be the title of the music and the music itself
(there are a few as examples)
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