Hello friends today we will show you Russia.
Moscow Kremlin
Red Square
St Basil's Church
The State Tretyakov Gallery
Lenin's Mausoleum
That's all !!!
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Hello friends today we will show you Russia

1. Hello friends today we will show you Russia.

Welcome to Russia is a very
beautiful and technical country
with its sights.

2. Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin is a fortress in the
center of Moscow and its oldest part,
the main socio-political and historical
and artistic complex of the city, the
official residence of the President of
the Russian Federation.

3. Red Square

Red Square - the main square of
Moscow, located in the center of the
radial-circular layout of the city
between the Moscow Kremlin and China
Town. Also informally is the main square
of the country.

4. St Basil's Church

The Cathedral of the Protection of the
Blessed Virgin Mary, which is on the
moat - an Orthodox church on Red
Square in Moscow, is a well-known
monument of Russian architecture.

5. The State Tretyakov Gallery

The State Tretyakov Gallery is an art
museum in Moscow, founded in 1856 by
merchant Pavel Tretyakov and has one
of the largest collections of Russian
fine art in the world.

6. Lenin's Mausoleum

The Lenin Mausoleum is a monumenttomb on Red Square near the Kremlin
wall in Moscow, where since 1924 the
body of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin has been

7. That's all !!!

Now you know more sights from Russia
from the city of Moscow.
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