First Conditional
First Conditional
Use: Possible Future Events
First Conditional: Clause Order
Example sentences
Example sentences
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First conditional

1. First Conditional

2. First Conditional

will/won’t + infinitive
if + present simple
I will stay at home if it rains.

3. Use: Possible Future Events

We use the first conditional to talk about
real future possibilities, things that are
likely to happen:
If I go to Barcelona, I will send you a
(= it’s possible that I’ll go. I’m planning
to go to Spain on holiday.)
If I move to London, I will invite you to
stay with me.
(= it’s possible that I will move. I’m
looking for a job in London.)

4. First Conditional: Clause Order

You can reverse the two clauses of a first
conditional sentence without changing the
We will go if Pat doesn’t arrive soon.
If Pat doesn’t arrive soon, we will go.

5. Example sentences

The cat will scratch you if you pull its tail.
She will be angry if I’m late.
I will come and see you tomorrow if I have
enough time.
I’ll call the police if you don’t leave right

6. Example sentences

If the weather is good tomorrow, we’ll have
a picnic.
If he runs, he will get there in time.
If we don’t hurry, we won’t finish.
If the result of the test is negative, you’ll
receive notification through the post.


means the same as IF NOT:
I won’t pass my exam unless I work harder.
I won’t pass my exam if I don’t work harder.
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