Mount Everest
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Mount Everest

1. Mount Everest


Position the Himalayas , in the ridge Mahalangur - Himal ( the part
called Khumbu - Himal ) . South summit ( 8760 m) lies on the border of
Nepal and Tibet Autonomous Region (China ) , North (main ) summit (
8848 m) is located on the territory of China .
From the south of Everest South Col is connected to the pass ( 7906
m) with Lhotse ( 8516 m), sometimes called the South summit.
At the top of Chomolungma are strong winds blowing with a speed up
to 55 m / s . The air temperature is lowered at night to -60 ° C.

3. mountaineering

Everest , being the highest peak of the world , has long attracted a lot of
attention climbers regularly carried out numerous attempts to climbing on
top of this .
Records climbing In 1996, Ang Rita Sherpa visited the top 10 times without
oxygen tanks . 4 years later he broke another record Appa Sherpa ,
reached the top in the 11 th time . [19] And just Appa Tenzing visited the
summit of Everest 21 times.
n 1999, Sherpa Babu Shiri spent 21 hours at the top , and this despite the
fact that even at the height of 7925 m begins a dead zone - the air
contains only a third of the amount of oxygen that is present in the
atmosphere at sea level
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