Fashion in our lifes
Classical School Uniform
The Plahovskye
Shodochye guys
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Fashion in our lifes

1. Fashion in our lifes

By Vakhrameeva Sofya and Eremeeva Alisa
10 A


A lot of people study in our
school. And each has its own
unique style. But if we look
closely, we will see that they are
all dressed in some way for some
style. Let's look at the most
popular directions.
P.s. We will tell not only about
school clothes, but also about
how our students dress outside
the school.

3. Classical School Uniform

Top is white, bottom is black.
It is classical school uniform.
Boys usually dress jackets with
plain shirt. Girls can wear
strict office dresses in addition
to school uniforms.
I think the classical school uniform is
very comfortable. With the current
variety of shops and boutiques we can
pick up something stylish for the school
without problems.

4. The Plahovskye

The Plahovskye are a new kind of
subculture. Their typical atrebuty is
a shirt with a brand logo on the
whole back, hoods, brand-name
expensive sneakers and the
podvoroty. We can meet these
interesting personalities on Lenin's
Square. We can recognize them on
a small bicycle, on which they
perform tricks right on the
monument of the leader of the

5. Hipsters

Hipsters dress specifically. They
absolutely do not follow fashion. More
precisely, they follow and do as they
please, only not so. They wear loose
clothes, preferably handmade, many
cheap ornaments. An important
attribute are checkered shirts. They
want to create a kind of neglect. The
truth is that they check through the
hour in front of the mirror every
morning, so that the appearance of
untidiness was beautiful.

6. Shodochye guys

Shodochye guys are very
interesting. They dress
absolutely differently. But
mostly they wear old
clothes that have been
decorated with something,
not wide pants or jeans and
any comfortable shoes. An
important attribute in their
wardrobe is a sweater.
Many sweaters. At least
pieces 8.

7. Cosplay

Cosplay is an interesting
phenomenon when people
change into a suit of their
favorite hero or character
and begin to act out in their
image at the festival. It looks
impressive and cool even
from the outside. Cosplay
can be cheap, it's called
"character casting" and it can
be expensive when the
image is created in perfect
accuracy. Zнаки are one of
the fesivalals of this type. It
takes place in early June
every year.


We want to note that not everyone dresses for some style. On the
contrary, people usually come to the store and look for whatever they
like, regardless of fashion and style.
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