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Presentation on "Science".
Voloshchuk Anastasia


• We are living in the modern
world, full of computers,
automatic devices, gadgets,
cell phones and many other
different interesting and
useful things that
technological progress has
given us for usage.
Although not even years
have passed as we couldn’t
even dream about time
when it would be enough
just to tap on a screen and
get connected with the
other person on the
different end of the world.


• Science has given us
possibility to fly into space and
step on the moon, to start
studying different parts of our
galaxy and even farther. For
example, what wonderful
pictures of our galaxy and
planets and stars surrounding
Earth Hubble telescope has
showed to us. Now we can
develop further and maybe
ever step on the other planets
and even populate it.


• Technology has
considerably made our
life easier due to different
discoveries. For example,
nowadays we can travel
with extremely high
speed in different
directions: many
countries have highspeed trains which help
us to feel comfortable all
the way.


• Older people have
different devices that
have highly improved
the level of their life,
such as special cars
for driving or hearing
aid that helps them to
no more feel useless
in the society.


• On the other hand al this computerized
environment may damage us too. Our
children spend more and more time
playing computer games, texting their
friends instead of meeting them in the
streets, living more and more in their own
virtual world. Girls try to compete whose
cell phone or tablet is better and more
modern, or who has more friends on



• Anyway technology has its advantages
and disadvantages, but we cannot escape
from progress, the development is
inevitable. But our responsibility is to
preserve ourselves as modern, just and
peaceful civilization.
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