Dental Clinics
Dental Clinics
Dental Clinics
Dental Clinics
Future Continuous (будущее длительное время)
Образование Future Continuous
Образование Future Continuous
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Future Continuous

1. Dental Clinics

Karaganda State Medical University
Chair of Foreign Languages
Dental Clinics
Made by: Tashkeev.A
Faculty of Dentistry
Group 2-006
Karaganda 2016

2. Dental Clinics

Dental clinics provide patients with preventive
and standard dental care, including emergency
dental care. Services include teeth cleanings,
teeth whitening, x-rays, root canals, crowns,
fillings and orthodontics. Multiple types of
dental practices exist, each of which caters to
a different type of community, including the
privately insured, the publicly insured and the

3. Dental Clinics

According to the American Dental Association, nearly all
dentists are in private practice. Specifically, it is
estimated as many as three out of four dentists are solo
practitioners. Private practitioners work as licensed, selfemployed dentists. Because of the relatively small size
of the organization, patients usually get more
personalized care from private practitioners.Because
there is no administrative structure, solo practitioners
must oversee administrative tasks for the practice,
including bookkeeping and procurement. A hospital
dental clinic operates as a division of a hospital group.
Its dentists work directly for the hospital. These dental
clinics usually are on hospital grounds or in annexed
buildings near the hospital.

4. Dental Clinics

Community health centers frequently provide dental services
in addition to general health care services. These types of
clinics serve a particular community or population and
combine the efforts of hospitals, the government and the
health care industry to provide its community members with
adequate health care services. Often, such health centers
receive federal funding to subsidize care for the poor and
uninsured.Unlike private practices in which one dentist
operates a clinic by himself, a group practice is an association
of dental professionals. These professionals work together,
sharing space and using the same equipment. Although care
might be less personal than private practice, the presence of
more dentists allows the practice to treat more patients and
pool resources to buy more equipment and hire more staff.

5. Future Continuous (будущее длительное время)

Время Future Continuous указывает на
процесс, который будет длиться в
определенный момент в будущем. В
отличие от времени Future Simple, этот
момент в будущем должен быть назван
прямо (tomorrow at 4 o’clock, when we
meet) или быть очевидным из контекста.

6. Образование Future Continuous

Утвердительные предложения:
I shall be playing.
We shall be playing.
You will be playing.
You will be playing.
He / she / it will be playing.
They will be playing.
Вопросительные предложения:
Shall I be playing?
Shall we be playing?
Will you be playing?
Will you be playing?
Will he / she / it be playing?
Will they be playing?
Отрицательные предложения:
I shall not be playing.
We shall not be playing.
You will not be playing.
You will not be playing.
He / she / it will not be playing.
They will not be playing.

7. Образование Future Continuous

Для того, чтобы поставить глагол в форму Future Continuous, нужен
вспомогательный глагол to be в будущем времени и причастие
настоящего времени (Participle I) смыслового глагола.
To be в будущем времени имеет две формы:
shall be – 1 лицо. (I shall be studying. We shall be running.)
will be – 2 и 3 лицо. (They will be packing presents.)
Примечание:Личные местоимения и вспомогательный глагол часто
сокращаются до I’ll, he’ll, they’ll и т. д.
В вопросительном предложении shall / will выносится на место
перед подлежащим, а to be и смысловой глагол остаются после него:
Why did you bring an album? Shall we be studying painting?
Зачем Вы принесли альбом? Мы будем изучать живопись?
В отрицательных предложениях после shall / will ставится
отрицательная частица not. Вместе они могут быть сокращены до
формы shan’t (чаще в брит. английском) или won’t:

8. Примеры по теме

-The dentist will not be curing my tooth
tomorrow at 4 o'clock
+The dentist will be curing my tooth
tomorrow at 4 o'clock.
? Will the dentist be curing my tooth
tomorrow at 4 o'clock?

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