Sights of moscow
Red Square
Lenin’s mausoleum
Saint basil’s cathedral
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Sights of Moscow

1. Sights of moscow

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2. Red Square

• Red Square is the most popular place of interest in
Moscow. It is the central square of Russian capital.
Red square is used for military parades and serves as a
venue for concerts of famous performers

3. Kremlin

• Moscow Kremlin is situated at the heart of Moscow
and serves as the official residence of President. More
than 100 Soviet heroes were buried by the Kremlin
Wall. The word «kremlin» is often used to indicate the
Russian government.

4. Lenin’s mausoleum

• Lenin’s Mausoleum can be seen in Red Square ,
anyone can visit it to look at the embalmed body of
Vladimir Lenin.

5. Saint basil’s cathedral

• In the middle of the 16 century Ivan the Terrible
ordered to build the Cathedral
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