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Carl Jung


Carl Jung was born in Kesswil and
grew up in Basel, Switzerland.
Though he was a very introverted
child, he learned brilliantly.


In 1906-1912 Jung and Freud had very close relationships.
Freud regarded him as a sort of his protégé, spoke of Jung as
his “heir”, once even as "my successor and crown prince”.
But Freud didn’t take seriously Jung’s interest in religion and
myths, which offended Jung, and their relationships
terminated for good.


A tough period of Jung’s life followed. For about 5 years
he was obsessed with the investigation of his fantasies,
dreams and even visions. This analysis of his own mind
laid the foundations of his theories and ideas. Finally one
of the best-known Jung’s works was published –
“Psychological Types”.


“Carl Jung’s
Sabina Spielrein (1904-1909)
Toni Wolff
Emma Rauschenbach (Jung)
and Carl Jung (1903-1955)
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