Applied Social Psychology
Courses & Grading
Double Degree Diploma
TiU application requirements
International Mobility
International Research and Teaching Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research
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Applied Social Psychology

1. Applied Social Psychology

Higher School of Economics

2. Courses & Grading

Courses & Grading
1st year:
• 10-point grading
Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods in Psychology
Cross-cultural Psychology
Cross-cultural Psychology of Organizational Behavior
Theory and Methodology of Modern Psychology
Ofinal grade = 0.3*Oexam +
Methodology of Cross-cultural Research
Abnormal and Clinical Psychology: Social and Cultural Contexts
0.7*(0.4 Ohw + 0.4*Otests
Interpersonal Behavior
Social Influence
Innovation and Social Change
+ 0.3*Oclass)
2nd year:
Leadership and Organization
Behavioral Economics
Work and Organizational Psychology
Research Seminar "Social and Cross-cultural Psychology“
Research Seminar "Economic and Organizational Psychology“
• Plagiarism is
severely punished!

3. Double Degree Diploma

Opportunity for the best students (ranked list is provided to TiU in
the spring);
85% tuition waiver (final fee ~1.984 EUR + accommodation costs);
Application deadline – April 1st

4. TiU application requirements

Diploma (officially translated and verified);
Grade transcript (with satisfactory grades);
English language:
either 51/100 at HSE;
or TOEFL 90 (preferable);
or IELTS 6.5 (preferable);
New motivational letter;
Recommendation from academic supervisor;
Online form at TiU website;
Passport copy.

5. International Mobility
Partners of HSE offer tuition-free
Additional grants from HSE available

6. International Research and Teaching Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research

International Project "Socio-psychological
consequences of changing cultural and socioeconomic contexts on post-Soviet space"
Project of Russian Science
Foundation "Empirical test of
feasibility of multiculturalism policy
in Russia in the context of
international experience“
Paid and unpaid internships with
consequent job opportunity
Summer Schools
International Research Conference
in April


All Cultures Day


9. Thank you and welcome to HSE!

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