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Months of the year

1. Diapositivo 1

2. Diapositivo 2

I am the first month of the year. There’s
snow everywhere and children love skating.
I am...

3. Diapositivo 3

I am the shortest month of the year.
Love is in the air. I am...

4. Diapositivo 4

Spring starts with me. People
celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I am...

5. Diapositivo 5

I come before May and it usually
rains a lot. I am...

6. Diapositivo 6

People say that I am the month of
the flowers. I am...

7. Diapositivo 7

Summer begins with me. Children
finish school. I am...

8. Diapositivo 8

I am a special month in the USA.
I am...

9. Diapositivo 9

I come after July. As it is hot,
children go to the beach. I am...

10. Diapositivo 10

School starts with me. Autumn begin
and the first leaves fall.
I am...

11. Diapositivo 11

Children like me because they go
trick-or-treat. I am...

12. Diapositivo 12

I come after October and people
celebrate Thanksgiving. I am...

13. Diapositivo 13

I am the last month of the year.
Children love me because it’s
Christmas time. I am...
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