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English is the native language in:
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English-speaking countries

1. English-speaking countries

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2. English is the native language in:



United States one of the most powerful and
advanced countries world. It stretches from
the Atlantic Ocean in the cast to the Pacific
Ocean in the west and from Canada in the
north to Mexico in the south. The capital of
the USA is Washington, though some people
think it's New York. This famous city is the
financial and cultural center of the USA.
The USA has the third largest population in
the world. It's a real melting pot. English is the
official language in the USA. But the English
language spoken in my country is known as
American English.
There are some differences between British
and American English. For example a film in
Britain is a movie in America, a postman is a
mailman, the underground is the subway. But
people speaking British English can be easily
understood in the US. No problem. The second
important language in the United States is
The motto of the country is «In God We

4. Funny laws USA

USA is world famous for its amusing laws of various States. Some of them sound
really absurd, but some conditions almost impossible to fulfill. Other laws prohibit
seemingly ordinary actions, so a surprise how such a law could take.
-For example, in Ohio you can't Sunday to buy corn flakes.
-In Texas it is strictly forbidden to shoot at Buffalo from the second floor of the
-In Las Vegas in no event it is impossible to kiss a man with a beard.
-And in Idaho you can not fish from a camel.
-In Arizona, you face a fine if you put a donkey to sleep in the bathroom.
-In California Chico, you can't blow up within the city a nuclear device – is that
worth a big fine. It's unclear, however, exactly who will this penalty charge.
-In new Orleans prohibited tethering to fire hydrants crocodiles.
-In Alabama the death penalty was threatened to those who will sprinkle salt on
railroad tracks. Here you can't carry ice cream in your pockets.
-In a few States for the jump from a skyscraper death penalty applied.

5. Canada

is the second largest
country in the world. It is nearly
as big as small of Europe. She
shares with the USA the world's
largest seven lakes, as well as
Canada's longest river three in the
The capital of Canada is Ottawa.
In Canada there are people of
many nationalities. There are two
official languages in my country,
English and French. English spoken
in Canada is a bit different from
British English: there are some
pronunciation and grammatical
The red and write Canadian flag
shows a leaf of the maple tree ,
which grows in North America.
The maple leaf is the official
emblem of Canada.

6. Niagara falls

Niagara falls (eng. Niagara Falls)
— a complex of waterfalls on
the Niagara river, which
separates the U.S. state of new
York from the canadian
province of Ontario. Niagara
falls is the Horseshoe falls (eng.
Horseshoe Falls), sometimes
called the Canadian falls (eng.
Canadian Falls), American falls
(eng. American Falls) and the
waterfall "Veil" (eng. Bridal Veil
Falls). Although the elevation
and not very large, the waterfalls
are very wide, and the volume
of water passing through it
Niagara falls — the most
powerful in North America.


The beauty of this wonder of
nature attracts many tourists
from all over the world, which
contributes to the prosperity of
cities located on the banks of the
falls — Niagara falls (eng.
Niagara Falls), new York, USA
and Niagara falls, Ontario,
Canada. The most spectacular
view of the falls can be enjoyed
from the canadian coast. A few
hundred meters downstream
from Niagara falls through
spanned "rainbow bridge" (eng.
Rainbow Bridge), opened for
movement of light vehicles and
pedestrians between the two


Under a
waterfall built
total capacity
to 4.4

9. Great Britain

Great Britain is an island nation.
Usually it is shortened to the
United Kingdom or UK or Great
Britain. It's one of the world's
smallest countries - it's twice
smaller than France or Spain.
However, there are only nine
other countries with more people,
and London is the world's seventh
biggest city.
In Britain you can meet people of
many different nationalities.
The capital of the UK is London.
The official language is English. Do
you know that English is made up
of Anglo-Saxon, French and Latin?
It also includes a lot of words
from Greek and other languages,
even Russian.

10. Interesting facts about the state structure of great Britain

Britain is a unitary state with a parliamentary monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II is
head of state of the United Kingdom and monarch of fifteen other
independent Commonwealth countries. Had formed a wrong opinion that the
monarch has a symbolic rather than political role and only has "the right to be
consulted, right to encourage and right to warn", but it should be noted that
the monarch is in charge of all three branches of government, has the right
to dissolve Parliament, appoints Ministers, and as commander in chief has the
right to declare war on other countries. Britain has no Constitution as a single
document, as only four countries in the world — New Zealand, Israel and
San Marino. The British Constitution consists mostly of a collection of
disparate written sources, including statutes, judge-made case law and
international treaties, together with constitutional conventions. Since there is
no technical difference between ordinary statutes and "constitutional law" the
UK Parliament can perform "constitutional reform" simply by adopting
another law, and thus has the ability to change or abolish almost any written
or unwritten element of the Constitution. However, it is worth noting that
neither the Parliament cannot pass a law that the next convocation would not
be able to change.


Emblem of England
The rose is the
national emblem of


New Zealand
New Zealand is a small country in the Pacific Ocean. It consists of two major islands.
New Zealand is the same distance from Australia as London is from Moscow. When it's
summer in Europe, it's winter in New Zealand. But the school year still starts in autumn
— in February! When it's time to go to bed in Europe, It's time to go to work in New
The capital of New Zealand is Wellington. The population of country is mixed. Some
people came from Britain years ago. Some Maori people lived here before the British came.
Official languages are English and Maori. But English is spoken in very unusual way in New
Zealand. It is often called Kiwi English.
New Zealand is sometimes called «The Worlds Biggest Farm». It is famous for its
products: butter, cheese, meat.

13. Interesting facts about new Zealand

New Zealand consists of two
main Islands (North and
South) and several small ones.
The largest land mass of New
Zealand is the South island that
is divided along the Southern
Alps. This mountain range has
18 peaks over three thousand
meters above sea level, and the
highest one is mount cook, or
Aoraki (3754 meters).


In the North island less
mountains, but there is
marked by high volcanic
activity. The highest point
on this island is the active
volcano Ruapehu 2797
metres tall. On this island
is the largest in New
Zealand lake Taupo,
located in the crater of a
volcano of the same


Australia is the biggest island and the
smallest continent in the world. It is
the only country in the world, which
occupies an entire continent and some
of the islands around it. It lies between
the Indian and : the Pacific Oceans. It's a
large country, but its population is only
18,3 million people.
There are
«original Australians» who lived here
long ago but most of population came
to Australia from Britain, Ireland and
other countries years ago. At present in
Australia there are a lot of people from
The capital of Australia is Canberra.
English is the official language in
Australia. But English spoken in
Australia is a bit different from British
English and American English.
Sometimes Australia is called «Oz» or
«the Lucky Country»


Christchurch Cathedral in Australia
Cathedral is one of
the main attractions
of Australia

17. The largest reef on Earth

The great barrier reef is
the largest coral reef on
Earth. It is also the largest
organic formation on
Earth with a length of
2,000 kilometres. The reef
is located in coral sea off
the coast of Queensland.
In fact, it's continuous
series of reef, separated
from the mainland by a
shallow lagoon.

18. Australia contains the largest portion of Antarctica

Australian Antarctic
territory is part of the
Antarctic. It was declared
by Britain and transferred
to the management of
Australia in 1933. This is
the biggest part of
Antarctica is ever claimed
by any nation, covering an
area of 5.9 million square


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