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Welcome to the world of SONY

1. Welcome To The World Of


3. Brand Name

4. Brand Logo

Here, the name SONY itself has been the
Logo for the company for so many years.
As seen before the word Sony is taken
from a Latin word which is defined as
Sound. Sony logo is a combination of a
Wide Latin, Times New Roman or
Century font that is white in colour with
the current tag line make.believe and a
background which is Black which gives it
a very stretched and easy to identify
look. This though is only for television.
Otherwise the Logo is SONY (black). The
customers of Sony can easily notice the
logo in any part of the world. Sony logo
stands out because of its name which is
unique and also it cannot be copied by
anyone else.

5. Brand Character

6. Brand Image




9. Brand Symbol


The process of packaging helps to create a strong
The products are packed well with the logo upfront
in bold and the product safely placed in the box so
that it cannot get damaged easily.
The materials used for the packaging of the
product are eco-friendly and hard due to which the
product cannot get damaged. Less resource are
used from the natural surroundings.

11. Brand Positioning

12. Brand Personality

Sony has certain traits attached to it are as follows:
Warmth, etc.
These traits contribute in building the brand. It what defines Sony
and this how people see the product or recognise it. It is treated as
high and mighty compared to the other brands as it contributes a
product in many parts of the Entertainment sector.
The advertising is the communication between the Brand and the
people. It is the advertising that gives a detailed description about
the product and its features. People have recognised it to one of the
best commodities with particular traits attached to it. It creates a
certain lasting impression on the people’s mind and attitude towards
the product. It defines the relation between the brand and the


The packaging of the product is done
with materials that are sort of ecofriendly so that it does not affect the
nature. Resources are less exploited from
the natural surroundings. The packaging
is creative and different. As seen in the
article how Sony has taken a step
towards creating a better tomorrow.
Sony Packaging Takes on a Green Sheen

14. The Core Identity

of Sony is what the Brand’s slogan is all about
make.believe which means to pretend or imagine. Sony
deliver’s “new & trendy” products and message. It produces
products with the best feature and each has certain uniqueness
to it. The core identity represents the timeless essence of the
Here the timeless essence of the Brand is that it delivers new,
trendy and best products. It also lies in the slogan make.believe
which creates a certain impression on the consumers. Sony is
known for producing the latest products with distinct features.
Product thrust- Entertainment, new & trendy.
User Profile- Famous celebrities like Hrithik Roshan and
Kareena Kapoor using the product on a daily basis as it provides
the best and latest in technology.

15. Extended Identity

16. Brand Extension

Sony had started its company on May 7,
1946 and has had the following
extensions that were added to it later,
which are as follows:
Sony Ericsson, October 1st 2001
Sony Entertainment Television, October
Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. It
was founded in 1987 as Columbia
Pictures Entertainment, Inc. then was
renamed in the year of 1991 as Sony
Pictures Entertainment, Inc.


Sony Computer Entertainment,
Inc. was established on November
16th , 1993.
Sony PlayStation was founded in
the year 1994.
Sony Walkman was introduced on
July 1st , 1979.
Sony Music Entertainment was
launched in the year 19912004,then was again reintroduced
in the year 2008 and is still there.


Sony Vaio Laptops started in
1996 with PCV series but made
changes to the product and its
features since then.
Sony Bravia TV was introduced
since 2005.
Sony Cybershot started in
1998. The first camera was a
DSC-D700 (1344 x1024) and DSCD770 (1344 x1024).


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