44th President of the United States
Foundations of Leadership
Foundations of Leadership
Becoming the First African-American President of the United States of America
Election Promises
Iraq War and the Capture of Osama bin Laden
What makes Obama a Great Speaker?
Family Upbringing
Absent Father
Family Rules
Active Parenting Roles
Obama on Family and Leadership
Challenges Overcome
Conclusion: A Great Leader
Conclusion: A Great Leader
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44th President of the United States

1. 44th President of the United States

President of the
United States
Barack Obama

2. Agenda

• Introduction
• Foundations of Leadership
• Obama as President
• The Obama Family
• Challenges Overcome

3. Introduction

• Kelley O’Grady – Obama’s early life and entry into
• Amanda Gibbs – Becoming President and key
• Tanya Sawh – Obama’s family life
• Victoria Verch - Challenges overcome
Barack Obama is the 44th President of the United
States. His strong leadership earned him a second
term in the White House and he has overcome many
challenges. As such, we have chosen to highlight his
life to help us understand how his leadership skills

4. Foundations of Leadership

• Barack Obama was born to Ann Dunham and
Barack Obama Sr. on August 4, 1961 in
Honolulu, Hawaii
• Ann Dunham remarried in 1965 and relocated
family the Indonesia
• Barack moved back to Hawaii at the age of 10
and lived with his grandparents
• Strong student who valued education

5. Foundations of Leadership

• Family faced financial hardship
• Education:
• Occidental College
• Columbia University
• Harvard University’s law school
• Community Organizer
• Joined Democratic Party
• Project Vote
• Elected to Illinois Senate

6. Becoming the First African-American President of the United States of America

o 2008 won against Hilary Rodham Clinton in primary campaign
o Defeated John McCain in general election
o Re-elected after defeating Mitt Romney

7. Election Promises

o Economic stimulus package American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act of 2009
o Health Care
o Close Guantanamo
o End war in Iraq within 16months

8. Iraq War and the Capture of Osama bin Laden

Key Accomplishment Iraq War and the Capture of Osama bin Laden
o Began with information received July 2010 and intelligence developed by the
CIA over the next several months
o Location of Osama bin Laden
o Surgical rain conducted on May 1, 2011
o Death of bin Laden

9. What makes Obama a Great Speaker?

• One of the Democratic Party’s great contemporary orators
• Lyricism in writing
• Obama borrows devices from great speakers of the past (Kennedy)
• Body orientation, hands closed,
limited pitch ranges (enables him
to “convey passion without
exhibiting it”)

10. Family Upbringing

Barack Obama did not have the
“normal” upbringing when he
was a child; he lived in Hawaii
with his mother then moved to
Indonesia when she re-married.
However, during that time in
Indonesia his mother sent him
back to Hawaii to live with his
grandparents due to safety

11. Absent Father

• Barack Obama hardly had a
relationship with his father.
• His parents divorced by the time
he was two and Barack only saw
his father once more after that
• Barack once said, “At the time of
his death, my father remained a
myth to me.”

12. Marriage

o On October 3rd,1992
Barack and Michelle
were married
o Barack and Michelle
Obama have two
o Malia Ann born July
4th,1998 and Natasha
(Sasha) born June 10th,
o Both children were born
in Chicago

13. Family Rules

• Barack and Michelle give their daughters a
lot of rules to abide by, but they feel that it
keeps their children, “grounded”
• “They are not little princesses. It’s just basic
rules, boundaries and expectations that we normally have.”
• An example of some of the rules are: no Christmas or birthday presents
from Michelle or Barack, they each must play two sports only one of the
sports they can choose themselves, no junk food, writing essays about
where they travel too and they are not allowed to quit sports

14. Active Parenting Roles

• Barack and Michelle take great pride in raising their family
• In an 08’ interview Barack said, “If I ever thought that this was ruining
my family, I wouldn’t do it.”
• Barack has instilled these rules and values into his family partly due to
the way that he was raised, he wants to be there for his wife and
children and let them know that they always come first

15. Obama on Family and Leadership

His family life makes him a good leader
because he wants to help families in
America, by giving them more paid sick
days, family leaves, higher taxes for the
upper class, a new proposal for child care
for lower-middle class families so that
their children get a better start in life. He
wants everyone to be able to have a
chance in life by obtaining a good
education, and he realizes that this
begins with early childhood education.
Barack and Michelle did not come from
wealthy families, it was hard work and
dedication that got them where they are
today. They both understand how hard it
is for families to raise children in this
economy ,and they not only want to be
good role models for their children but
for American families as well

16. Challenges Overcome

• Affordable Care Act, March 2010
• health-care reform plan
• intended to strengthen consumers’ rights, provide affordable insurance
coverage and increase access to medical care
• Overseas War Efforts
• Ended the U.S. combat mission in Iraq in 2010
• Gave authorization for a raid by the U.S. Navy SEALS, which lead to the
capture and assassination of al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden

17. Conclusion: A Great Leader

• Family oriented
• Hardworking
• Values education, healthcare, and helping
• Pro positive change
• Strong believer in equality
• Acts for the benefit of society

18. Conclusion: A Great Leader

Barack Obama: President of the United States (2008 – present)
• 1st African American President; 44th American President
• Civil-rights lawyer, teacher and community organizer
• Author of 2 best-selling novels
• Nobel Peace Prize winner (2009)
• Proof that hard work and dedication can produce
“A change is
brought about
ordinary people
do extraordinary
– Barack Obama

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