Animal Riddles
Abigail’s Animal Riddle
I am a dolphin.
Alden’s Animal Riddle
I am a bald eagle.
Alyssa’s Animal Riddle
I am a macaw.
Charles’s Animal Riddle
I am an elephant.
Danny’s Animal Riddle
I am a rhinoceros.
Domenic’s Animal Riddle
I am a beaver.
Elaina’s Animal Riddle
I am a bengal tiger.
Giana’s Animal Riddle
I am a cobra
Jack’s Animal Riddle
I am a coyote.
John’s Animal Riddle
I am a lion.
Kaylee’s Animal Riddle
I am a hermit crab.
Kyle’s Animal Riddle
I am a leopard.
Mackenzie’s Animal Riddle
I am a koala bear.
Mia’s Animal Riddle
I am a penguin.
Nicholas’s Animal Riddle
I am a shark.
Paige’s Animal Riddle
I am a cheetah.
Richard’s Animal Riddle
I am a rabbit.
Sierra’s Animal Riddle
I am a polar bear.
Stephanie’s Animal Riddle
I am a dolphin.
Tom’s Animal Riddle
I am a camel.
Tommy’s Animal Riddle
I am an otter.
Mrs. Hyland’s Riddle
I am a panda.
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Animal Riddles. Abigail’s Animal Riddle

1. Animal Riddles

Room 5
November 2011

2. Abigail’s Animal Riddle

SPLASH!!!! I swim by you going 25 miles an
hour. I am slippery, sleek, and fast. Don’t blink
or you might miss me swim by you. I eat fish
and crabs. We are very noisy animals and like to
chirp, whistle, and squeak. I am a warmblooded mammal. I have more teeth than any
other animal. Most of my kind have dark colors
on the upper body, and on the underside we
have lighter colors. I live in the ocean. I have a
backbone. My tail helps me swim. What am I???

3. I am a dolphin.

4. Alden’s Animal Riddle

I am a bird that flies through the sky. I
am both a beautiful and fierce looking
bird. My wings are very strong and
measure up to 72 inches. I make kaaa kaaa sound. I eat salmon and swoop
down and grab fish or other small animals
with my strong yellow feet. You can only
find me in North America. I live in a nest
near rivers and lakes. Can you guess what
I am?

5. I am a bald eagle.

6. Alyssa’s Animal Riddle

I am a type of bird. I make a birdcall
sound, and I sometimes imitate sounds I
hear. I eat all kinds of fruits, nuts, and
vegetables. I have a hard black beak. I
feel soft like a pillow and have a long
tail. I live in the rainforest. My colorful
feathers help me blend into the forest

7. I am a macaw.

8. Charles’s Animal Riddle

Whip, whip, there goes my trunk. I like
to eat peanuts and hay. My trunk makes
trumpet noises. I am bigger than any
other animal on land. I have tusks that are
made of ivory. I feel lumpy .I live for
about 60 years. You can find me at the
zoo and the circus. I breathe through my
trunk. My stomach makes loud rumbling
sounds. I squirt water or sand on my back
to get rid of flies. What am I?

9. I am an elephant.

10. Danny’s Animal Riddle

Can you guess what animal I am thinking of?
I am an endangered animal. I will become
extinct if I am not protected. I am a huge animal
with wide square lips. I have four short legs with
three lumpy toes. I make sounds through my
nose. I only eat plants and fruit. I am a
herbivore. I can feel smooth or bumpy. I live in
the open savannahs of Africa. I like to wallow in
cool muddy swamps and marshes. Do you know
what I am?

11. I am a rhinoceros.

12. Domenic’s Animal Riddle

I have a flat tail and when I go into the
water my tail moves back and forth so it can
propel me. I have short legs and cannot walk
fast. I make a loud cracking sound and then
you’ll hear a loud baboom, a tree fell. I eat tall
grass or small twigs. I am so soft and furry.
You’ll find me beside a pond or inside a lodge. If
I sense danger, I start swimming and raise my
tail in the air. Suddenly, WHAP! I slap my tail
against the water and it warns other animals
that danger is coming. Who am I?

13. I am a beaver.

14. Elaina’s Animal Riddle

I’m black and orange like something
Halloweeny but I’m not Halloweeny at all. Roar!
Roar! is the sound I make. Shh!! you may have
to listen closely to hear my padded paws
.Yummy meat fills my belly because I am a
carnivore, or in other words a meat eater. I also
like to hunt late at night and rest in my dark den
during the day to keep me cool on hot days. I
am nice and fuzzy like a bear, but I’m not a
bear. You can find me in Asia where it’s nice and
cool,. so I don’t get too hot. Can you guess what
animal I am?

15. I am a bengal tiger.

16. Giana’s Animal Riddle

Do you want to hear a riddle? I can
grow to be between 18 and 20 feet long.
I make hissing noise. I eat spiders and
insects. I feel very slimy. I live on
mountain slopes. I usually hide under
rocks during the daytime. A group of us is
called a quiver. I can typically live to be 20
years old. It is illegal to keep me as a pet
because I am so dangerous. Can you
guess what I am?

17. I am a cobra

18. Jack’s Animal Riddle

I have brown, gray, or yellow fur, and
big ears. My descended relative is a pet
that you may have in your house. I howl
very loudly, usually at night. I yap or
growl when I’m hungry. I’m an omnivore,
and I eat berries, grass, insects, and small
animals like rabbits and mice. I’m soft, but
my fur is stiff. I live in forests, prairies,
and sometimes deserts. I hunt with a
group. Do you know what I am?

19. I am a coyote.

20. John’s Animal Riddle

I live in South Africa. I eat grass from
the savannah. I make a very loud roar
when I’m angry. I also look scary when I
roar at you. I am very furry and fluffy
when you feel me. I sleep 20 hours in a
day. Can you guess what I am?

21. I am a lion.

22. Kaylee’s Animal Riddle

I have a riddle for you here are the clues. I
have long, spirally curved abdomens, which are
soft, unlike the hard, calcified abdomens. I can
sound like a creaky bed, a rusty door hinge, a
croaking frog, or a chirping bird. I eat a wide
variety of foods, fallen fruits, decaying wood,
leaf litter, plants and grasses and items washed
ashore by the tide. I carry a hard shell. I live in
aquariums and oceans. What am I?

23. I am a hermit crab.

24. Kyle’s Animal Riddle

Can you guess what animal I am? I
look like a black spotted cheetah. I kind of
sound like a cat. I eat dung beetles,
rodents, foxes, jackals, crickets,
aardvarks, rabbits, hornbills, ostrich and,
baboon. I feel like a smooth blanket. I live
in Africa and Asia. If you were thinking a
leopard you were right!

25. I am a leopard.

26. Mackenzie’s Animal Riddle

Crunch, crunch I love to eat a delicious
eucalyptus leaf. I have thick gray fur and
very big ears. I like to grunt while I eat.
I whine loudly when I am scared. I have
soft fluffy hair. I live in eucalyptus trees.
Can you guess who I am?

27. I am a koala bear.

28. Mia’s Animal Riddle

I look like I am wearing a big black
and white coat. I make a loud squawking
noise. Some of my favorite foods are fish
and squid. I feel very, very soft and
smooth. I live along the coasts of the
Antarctica Peninsula, in New Zealand, and
southern Australia. Can you guess what I

29. I am a penguin.

30. Nicholas’s Animal Riddle

My eyes are on the side of my head,
so I can see behind me better than in
front of me. I eat lots of other fish. I feel
really wet and bumpy. I can be seen in
the ocean and sea. I have no organs to
make a sound. I am a man-eating killer.
Can you guess what animal I am?

31. I am a shark.

32. Paige’s Animal Riddle

Can you guess what animal I am? Here are
some helpful hints about my animal. I live in
Africa where you might hear me whoosh across
the grassy savannahs. I have a spotted coat to
blend in with my surroundings. You might think
I am wearing sunglasses, but it’s just the black
lines around my nose and eyes. If you could
touch me, I would feel soft and fuzzy. The
sound I make is almost like a roar. I have great
ears to hear. Some people might mistake me as
a leopard. Can you guess what I am?

33. I am a cheetah.

34. Richard’s Animal Riddle

I have big ears, but I am very small.
My tail feels like a fluffy cotton ball. My fur
is soft like a baby’s blanket. I make very
little noise. I live in the forest on the
floor. Can you guess what I am?

35. I am a rabbit.

36. Sierra’s Animal Riddle

Can you guess what animal I am? I’m
white and furry. I make a loud roar. I eat
seals and fish. I have a thick fur coat of
white fur with a yellow tinge. My fur is
very oily. I live in the North Pole. Can you
guess what I am with all those details?

37. I am a polar bear.

38. Stephanie’s Animal Riddle

I look like a small gray whale. I make
sounds like a bird. I eat fish. My skin is
smooth. I live in the deep ocean. I am
not a seahorse or a shark. What am I?

39. I am a dolphin.

40. Tom’s Animal Riddle

I have long legs and two humps. I
make a nuzzling sound. I eat grass,
plants, and even thorns. My soft hair is
used to make coats. I live in places that
are blazing hot and icy cold. What am I?

41. I am a camel.

42. Tommy’s Animal Riddle

Hi, I am an animal. I live off the coast
of California and Alaska. I eat clams,
mussels, urchins, crabs and fish. I make
sounds when I lay in the water. I feel
warm because I have thick fur that makes
me warm when I am under cold water. I
look brown and I have light brown
whiskers. What am I?

43. I am an otter.

44. Mrs. Hyland’s Riddle

Crunch, crunch I love to munch on
yummy bamboo. Children love to touch my
soft black and white fur. Unfortunately, I
am an endangered species, so there aren’t
many of my relatives around. Children in the
United States can only view me in zoo
exhibits. If they want to see me in my
native habitat, they would need to travel to
the countries of Japan and China. Can you
guess what animal I am?

45. I am a panda.

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