The Influence of the Appearance to the Character.
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John Michael Osbourne

1. The Influence of the Appearance to the Character.

Struzhkova Anastasia, 10 “A”
Basic personality for investigation:
John Michael Osbourne.


Ozzy Osbourne (John Michael Osbourne) is a
famous musician, people often call him “Father of
heavy metal”, although hi was not an inventor of
this style. He is loved all over the world as a
frontman of “Black Sabbath” and for solo works.
An image of the cross became a well-known symbol
of “Black Sabbath”. The name of the group sounds
like something dark and devilish, but it hasn’t any
relations with the Satanism. The choice of it was
just a case.



Features and
• Eyes and Eyebrows
• Mouth and Lips
• Nose and Ears
• Forehead and Chin


Eyes and Eyebrows
If person has a little swelled up eyelids it
means that he is lazy enough,
sometimes passive, but, on the other
hand, observant and tender. It’s true,
because a lot of people say that Ozzy is
very caring and calm at home. Not large
eyes show the constancy, stubbornness
and self-satisfaction.
Hazel eyes reside people
with vigorous energy.
Black, soft, straight
eyebrows mean a kind man.


Mouth and Lips
Horizontal, regularly
shaped lips symbolize
kindness, sincere,
cheerfulness. Person with
such form of lips tend to be
People with large mouth
are usually daring, manly,
excessive in everything,


Nose and Ears
Ozzy’s ears are big enough, with strongly pronounced
crooks of auricles. According to the common opinion, it
says about talent to music.
Wide nose with little
socket represents active
and energetic man, who,
however, can be proud,
insolent and talkative at


Forehead and Chin
Good sense and honesty are connected to the
horizontal, parallel and hardly noticeable wrinkles.
Protrusive chin points to such strains as energy, willpower, nobleness, stubbornness and, rarely, cruelty.


Ozzy Osbourne about himself
“When I left the school I wanted to be a
plumber; when I listened The Beatles I
wanted to be a “Beatle””.
“When somebody tells me what to do, I deed
quite the contrary. Even if a minute ago I
intended to go the way I’m told…”
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