My Flat
Living room
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My Flat

1. My Flat

2. Living room

A small room, the floor is laid with a carpet on which furniture is placed. On it there is a small
curbstone with the TV, opposite which there is a sofa with two armchairs. Also in the room there
is a large closet with photos, books, utensils, notebooks, documents and much more.

3. Bathroom

Bathroom and toilet are combined in one room, there are many different detergents, washing
machine, towel hooks, a small blue mat, curtains and a mirror.

4. Bedroom.

A place for rest and sleep. In the room there is a bed, a desk with a computer, plants, as well as a
shelf with notebooks and books, a wall clock, a chest of drawers, a chair, a window.

5. Kitchen

The kitchen is combined with the dining room. There is a table, oven, chairs, refrigerator, kitchen
appliances, cupboards with plates, sink, towels, plants, chandelier, clock, microwave, kettle.

6. Hallway

All guests pass through this place, they can look at themselves in the mirror, which meets them
at the entrance doors. Place the shoes in a small locker and enter any of the rooms presented.
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