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The first city
The second city
The third city
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City quiz

1. City quiz

2. The first city

is very beautiful. It’s one of Europe's major centres
is an international capital of high fashion
is called the «city of love»
A lot of visitors come there every year, it’s one of the world's top
tourist destinations
has many important cultural places, such as: Eiffel Tower, Louvre(The
most visited museum in the world), the Cathedral of Notre Dame de
is famous for very delicious food, like croissants


4. The second city

is not so popular like the firs one. This city has an informal name «wonderful city»
there are a lot of beautiful beaches, such as Ipanema, Copacabana.
is famous for Carnival. It’s a six day party, a religious holiday. Even
though there are Carnivals around the world, the one in Rio is the
biggest and best.
is famous for Corcovado - the hunchback style mountain, where we
can find the iconic Christ the Redeemer Statue.


6. The third city

is number one Russian destination both for foreigners and for
Russians, has an informal name - «an open-air architecture
has many important cultural places, such as: Hermitage, Peterhof, St.
Isaac Cathedral, Raising Bridges
All the visitors enjoy very much - Raising Bridges
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