Complex Object
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Complex Object

1. Complex Object


• Use: after verbs, which express desire
(желание): to want, to wish, to desire, to like,
to hate.
1. He wanted me to come on Sunday.
2. I like people to tell the truth.
• Fill in the gaps in the sentences, using these
phrases: to sing me a song, to be free, to be
1. I hate litter … everywhere.
2. I wish my sister … .
3. I desire us … tomorrow.


• Use: after verbs, which express supposition
(предположение): to expect, to suppose, to
find, to know, to believe.
1. I suppose him to be about fifty.
2. I believe them to be honest people.
• Complete the sentences:
1. He knows Mary …
2. I find this book …
3. Mother expected Nick …


• Use: after verbs, which express order,
permission (приказание, разрешение): to
order, to allow.
1. Teacher ordered Tim to be quiet.
2. The officer allowed soldiers to be free.
• Give your own examples.


• Use: after verbs of physical perception
(восприятие посредством органов чувств):
to see, to watch, to notice, to hear, to feel.
1. I saw her enter the house.
2. We noticed the captain appear on the deck.
• Complete the sentences:
1. Jane … him play the piano.
2. I … Mary laugh.
3. Tom … Jack prepare for the test.


• Use: after verbs to make, to let
1. It makes me feel upset.
2. Let him speak.
3. Let it be.
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