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A Trip to New Zealand


A Trip to New Zealand: TOP 10 Interesting Facts
Made by: Moskvina Elizaveta Vladimirovna
Superintendent: Kineva Elena Viktorovna
School: МАОУ «СОШ №12»
Solikamsk town

2. The first fact:

In New Zealand, kiwi is not a fruit, but it is an endemic non-flying
bird or the nickname of the citizens of this country.

3. The second fact:

In New Zealand, mail works very well. Even at the edge
of the world you can send the parcel in five minutes.

4. The third fact:

In New Zealand, there are no children's homes.
Childless families stand in line for years to adoption.

5. The fourth fact:

In most natural parks at the entrance are liquids, which
are recommended to spray the soles of shoes, so that
the microbes do not get into the park.

6. The fifth fact:

In New Zealand, the police do not carry firearms with

7. The sixth fact:

Representatives of indigenous people are not afraid of
the cold, despite the fact that New Zealand is a warm
country, and they often go in shorts and T-shirts at near
zero temperature.

8. The seventh fact:

The streets are clean, so many people go barefoot.
Yes, even in the city centre.

9. The eighth fact:

In New Zealand, the three official languages are English,
Maori and sign language.

10. The ninth fact:

Earthquakes in New Zealand is commonplace. Pushing
up to 4 points takes place in the country about once a

11. The tenth fact:

In New Zealand, sheep are ten times larger than people.


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