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Fauna and flora of Great Britain


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Fauna and flora of
Great Britain


The flora of the British Isles is quite rich. In the meadows of England and Wales
there are pale yellow daffodils (the emblem of the Welsh), lilies, primrose,
purple orchis, hyacinths, clover, iris, alfalfa, primrose, ranunculus, dandelion,


Oaks, elms, hornbeams, beeches and ash trees grow in the
mountains. In the north of Scotland, in the lower belt of mountains
there are oak, spruce, pine and birch forests..


Large mammals such as bears, wild boars and Irish red deer, as well as wolves, were
almost completely exterminated. Currently, only 56 species of mammals remain in the
country. Deer live in the Scottish Highlands, roe deer in the south of England. Wild goats
are found in the mountainous regions of the country. On the shores of Wales you can find
the gray seal, and off the coasts of Scotland and the eastern coast of Northern Ireland the common seal.

Throughout the country, foxes, rabbits and badgers are found in forests, as well as otters,
stoats and weasels. In Wales there are ferrets and pine martens, and in the mountains of
Scotland there are European wild cats. Rodents are widespread - rats, squirrels, as well
as hedgehogs, moles and shrews. Reptiles are represented by three species of snakes
and three species of lizards.


Up to 300 species of birds can be found in the UK, many of which
come from other countries.
The most numerous species are robins, sparrows, rooks, finches and starlings, partridges and
crows, nightingales, linnets, cuckoos and meadow pipit. Pheasants are also found. In Ireland
you can see the white-fronted goose, falcon, blackbird and other birds.


British rivers were once rich in salmon, trout, roach, perch and pike, but domestic
fish production has declined significantly due to water pollution. The waters off the
coast of the British Isles are home to a variety of fish species: sablefish and herring,
sprat, sardine and mackerel. Important commercial fish include cod, flounder,
haddock and marlan.


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