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Travelling Across Great Britain


урока английского языка
в 8а классе
от 22 октября 2014 года


Цели урока:
1. Совершенствование навыков
монологической диалогической речи
аудирования и чтения.
2. Развитие навыков компьютерной


1) компьютер ;
2) нетбуки ;
3) лингафонное оборудование ;
4) интерактивная доска.


Ход урока:
I think w’ll speak about travelling.
Начало урока.
Hello, students
Hello, guests!
Today we have un unusual lesson.
Look, it the screen watch video and
tell mе
what the theme of our lesson is?
Yes, w’ll speak about travelling to
London, across Great Britain .
1. What countries does Great
Britain consist of?
2. Show me this countries at the
map, please.
3. Could you tell me. Why do
people travel ?
T: Why do you want to visit Great
II. What countries would you like to
S1: Great Britain consists of England, Northern Ireland and
S2: (показывает на интерактивную доску).
S3: Millions of people all over the world spend their holidays
travelling. They travel to see other countries and
continents, modern cities and the ruins of ancient towns.
S4: They travel to enjoy picturesque places, or just for a change of
S5: It`s always interesting to discover new things, different


try different food to listen to
different musical rhythms.
S1: I want to visit Great Britain because I want to improve and to practice my
English and see the places of Interests of Great Britain.
S1. I’d like to visit England because I want to see the places of interests of


S2. I’d like to visit Scotland
because I want to see
Highland Games.
S3. I would like to visit Ireland,
because I am fond of Irish


III. Основной этап урока.
Now we are ready to start
our excursion to London.
S1: You must get a visa for most of the countries abroad.
S2: American tourists to the UK do not need to get visas.
S3: You must not forget your passport.
S4: All travelers must fill in the customs declaration.
S5: If you have any questions about what must be declared, you should ask a customs officer.
S4: You should read the Tips for visitors leaflet before your trip.
S7: If you have any problems, you ought to ask for information from your travel agent.
2) We need a visa to England. We are filling in the application form in our laptops.


Образцы заявлений на
нэтбуках и компьютерах
Visa 4UK
Section 1- What type of VISA are you applying for?
Please attach two recent photographs in this box.
Please tick the appropriate box.
Family visitor
General visitor
Business visitor
If you applying as a visitor, for how long do you want the visa? Note: you
can only stay In the UK for a maximum of 6 months of any one time.
6 moths
1 year
2 year
5 years
Returning Resident
10 years


Section 2- about you
2.1 Full name, as it appears in
your passport. Please underline
family name.
Mikhail Alexsandrovitch Inin
2.2 Passport number
42 №1357925
Please tell us your
2.3 Date of birth
23 December 1998
2.4 Place of birth.
Obninsk, Russia
2.6 Sex
2.7 Marital status
2.5 Nationality.
2.8 What is your father’s full name?
Alexandr Pavlovitch Inin
2.9 What is your mother’s full name?
Anna Nikolaevna Inina
2.10 Your permanents
home address?
11,10 Lipovaya Street,
Obninst, 436030 Russia
2.11 Your correspondence
address if different from
2.12 Any home
telephone number: 222771
2.13 Any home for number
2.14 Your personal email address:
[email protected]


Section 3 – About your stay in the UK.
3.1 How long are you going to stay in the UK?
3.2 On what date are you going to arrive?


1) How do you think How long does
it take to get to London from
Moscow By plane?
2) How long does it take to get to
London from Moscow by train?
S1: It takes me about four – five hours.
S2: It takes me 1-2 days.
4. Аудирование с извлечением детальной информации (диалог слушают без
визуального текста).
Now put on your headphones and listen the dialogue and after listening you will do
some exercise on your laptops?
Misha is going to buy the ticket to England.
Listen and state: True, False
a) The name of a bus company is Asialines
b) The name of an airline British Airways
c) The word for a very big boat which can carry buses and cars is a ferry
d) The price for a plane ticket for an adult is £150
e) The price for a plane ticket for children is £20


The dialogue 7к.
Misha: How are we going to get to England?
Rob: The cheapest way is by bus Euro lines go all over Europe.
Misha: But how can we get to England by bus? England is an island?
Rob: Oh, that’s not a problem. In France the bus goes on a ferry. It is a
big boat, which can carry buses, cars and people.
Misha: How much is the bus then?
Rob: A single ticket is £52 if you are 12 years old and £148 if you are
Misha: That's really cheap! I am twelve. How long does it take?
Rob: I don't know. We must find out.
Misha: What about the plane?
Rob: It is the fastest way. It took me only three and a half hours to get to
Russia from England. But it was expensive! I paid £350 for a return ticket
with British Airways.
Misha: And what about the train?
Rob: I don't think it's a good idea. It will take a long time to get to
England by train and it is more expensive than the bus.


6. Блиц-тест (чтение с извлечением
детальной информации)
Заполнить пробелы недостающей информацией из диалога в формате
WORD (работа с тем же диалогом в печатном виде).
Complete the sentences with information from the text.
…cheapest way, because a ticket …. only £52.
…fastest way, because …. Rob only three and a half hours to get from… to… But
is was ….. it costs £350.
Travelling by bus the cheapest way, because a
ticket costs only £52.
The fastest way, because it takes Rob only three
and a half hours to get from England to Russia.
But it was expensive. It costs £350.


7. Монологическая речь.
Before the excursion I have invited two guides, who will
recommend us the places of interests of London
S1. Tourists in London always want to visit Westminster and see Big Ben. They want
to see the clock in its tower and to hear the bells. Big Ben is really a bell. You hear it
every hour. It is a big bell. It weighs 13,720 kilograms. It has a deep lone (звук) and
you can hear it on the radio: "This is the BBC. The time is six o'clock," And then you
hear the deep boom of Big Ben six times.


S2. You can see the Tower of London from the river Thames. The Tower is very old. It has a long and cruel history. It
is not just one building. The tall building is the White Tower, the oldest part of the Tower of London. The Bloody
Tower is near the river. You do not see blood there today. But the Bloody Tower has a history of blood - the blood
of men, women and even children. (Карт. Tower of L.)
Now the King and the Queen of Britain do not live in the Tower. When the Queen is in London, she stays in
Bucking-ham Palace
S1. The famous clock Big Ben stands near the Houses of Parliament. The
country's leaders speak in the Houses of Parliament. The men and women
there are the voice of the British people. The Houses of Parliament stand
beside the river Thames. You can go on a boat from Westminster and see
London from the river. You can also sec Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
from Westminster Bridge.


S2. Standing not far from the
Houses of Parliament,
Westminster Abbey is a symbol of
England. The legend says that
Westminster Abbey was founded
by St Peter himself. We know that
Westminster Abbey was built by
King Edward in 1065. The
coronation of all British Kings and
Queens takes place in
Westminster Abbey. Some famous
English people are also buried
here. The funeral service for
Diana, Princess of Wales took
place in Westminster Abbey in
September 1997.



8. Guess. Where we are.
1. Go along Oxford Street, and then turn right. Where are
we? (St. Paul’s Cathedral)
2. Go from Tower of London along the river Thames till
Westminster Bridge then you should turn left and go
straight. You will see a long building. What is it?
(Buckingham Palace)
3. You are near Trafalgar Square. You can go on foot, but it
takes a lot of time, you need go by bus number 4 till the
London Bridge Bus stop. Cross the London Bridge you
should turn left and go up the street till this building.
Where are you? (Museum of the moving Image)
4. You are near Piccadilly. You need turn right and go
straight till Trafalgar Square then go down the street and
you will see Big Ben. And there is a building near Big Ben.
What’s name of this building? (Houses of Parliament)
5. You are near Tate Gallery. You need go up the street then
turn left and go straight to crossroad and you are there.
(Westminster Abbey)


6. The conclusion.
1.Let’s take results of our lesson.
S1. I have learned that…
Would you tell me your impressions
from travelling to London. What have
you learned at the lesson?
2. What is the most beautiful building S2. …..
in London?
3. What documents do you need to
travel to London?
4. Will you travel to London next
summer? Why?
5. What is the easiest way to get to
6. What interesting facts about
London did you learn?
7. What was the easiest exercise at the
8. What was the most difficult exercise
at the lesson?
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