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Why is the Internet considered to have a bad influence on our daily life?


English lesson 08.11.23


Why is the Internet considered to have a
bad influence on our daily life?
A) It makes people antisocial
b) It increases the number of computer users
c) It makes shopping easier
d) It is difficult to use


Why should children learn to use the
A) To have fun
b) To replace real life
c) To prepare for future difficulties
d) To become antisocial


What is a certain danger in children using
the Internet?
A) They might become too competent
b) They might replace real life with it
c) They might start shopping online
d) They might meet new people


What should parents avoid doing
regarding their children and the Internet?
A) Letting them use it as a babysitter
b) Letting them surf the net all by themselves
c) Teaching them how to use it
d) All of the above


Why is the Internet considered not made
for children?
A) Because it's too complex
b) Because it contains harmful material
c) Because it's too expensive
d) Because it's too time-consuming


What is believed to happen to people
who watch too much television?
A) They become more social
b) They forget how to be members of a social
c) They learn more about real life
d) They become competent users of the Internet


Ex. 5, p. 51.
Speak about how the Internet and TV can be used for education.
Speak about:
- how they’re used in schools
- how they can be used for self-education outside school
- how you use or would like to use these two forms of mass media
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