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Endangered Animal


Slyshinsky Nestor, Shein David,
Bahnev Sasha.


Who are they?
Endangered animals are those
animals of which there are very few
left due to extinction. Such animals
are listed in the Red Book. In
addition to the red book, there is a
black book. The black book contains
animals that are extinct. There are
many reasons for the extinction of
animals such as hunting, poaching,
destruction of natural habitats, etc.
And today we want to talk about
one of these animals.


• Manul is a predatory mammal
of the cat family. In
appearance and size, it is
similar to a domestic cat, but
differs in a shorter massive
body and paws, as well as
long thick fur. The fur of the
manul is the fluffiest and
thickest among cats.


Where do they live?
Manul lives on the territory in Asia:
from Western Iran and Armenia, Central
Asia and some regions of Russia to
Transbaikalia, Mongolia and Tibet.
The total number is estimated at
58 thousand individuals, the largest
population is believed to live on the
territory of Mongolia.


What do they eat?
Manul's diet includes:
• 1. Small rodents such as mice and
• 2. Birds and lizards.
• 3. Some plants such as herbs and
Manul is an omnivorous predator and
can eat anything that it manages to
catch and eat.


When was manul
Manul has been known to the locals of
Central Asia since ancient times, in
particular, his images have been found on
ancient Turkic jewelry and embroidery.
However, the first scientific description of
manul was published only in 1858 by the
German zoologist Peter Schreck, who
studied animals brought from Asia by
Russian scientists. Schrenk named the
manul Otocolobus manul, referring it to
the genus of small predatory cats.


Why are they dying?
The main reasons for the extinction of
manuls are poaching, death from
herding dogs, plowing of steppes,
burning out of the steppe during fires.
Since the beginning of the twentieth
century, there has been a sharp
decline in the number of manul in its
main habitats.


Сurrently, the International Red
Book lists more than 30,000
endangered species of animals,
plants and mushrooms, and
manulas are just one of many
species that are at risk of
extinction. We hope that you
understand how important it is
to take care of nature.
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