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Stress. Signs of stress in adolescents





What is stress
Stress is a physiological reaction of the body to external influences
necessary for adaptation to changed living conditions.
Stress is a state of emotional and physical tension that occurs in
certain situations that are characterized as difficult and
Stress is a physical, mental, emotional and chemical reaction of the
body to something that scares a person, irritates him or threatens


Signs of stress in
All teenagers face stress, moreover, it is
normal to feel minor stress, it is natural.
However, many children are
experiencing severe stress, which
negatively affects their studies,
relationships and other areas of their lives.
Stress can manifest itself in different ways,
sometimes its consequences can be
confused with typical adolescent


The stress of studying
From grades in the classroom to USE scores, the
stress of studying greatly affects the life of a
teenager. Many are worried about their
academic performance, are afraid that they will
not meet the expectations of parents and
teachers, and do not want to lag behind their
The inability to allocate your time and a large
amount of tasks also aggravates the stress that is
associated with school life.


Disagreements in the
Everything that happens to family members
affects the mental state of a teenager. Unrealistic
hopes, marital problems, strained relationships
among brothers and/or sisters (including sibling
bullying), illnesses of close relatives, and financial
difficulties in the family – all this can dramatically
increase the stress level in a teenager's life.


Traumatic events
The death of a family member or friend,
accidents, illness, or prolonged
emotional/physical abuse can greatly affect a
teenager's stress level. It is also important to note
that at least 10% of teenagers face sexual
harassment on dates.


Stressful statistics
Annual psychological survey focuses on teens for the first
Teen stress level is higher than adult level
Teens with high-stress lives are potentially at risk of chronic
stress and chronic illness
Stress survey finds teen girls report higher stress and more
symptoms than boys


Peer Pressure
Peer pressure
social pressure by members of one's peer group to take a certain
action, adopt certain values, in order to be accepted.


As a result
Try to see the bright side in any situation, do not
get hung up on troubles, and they will give way to
joyful events faster. A positive perception of life
not only helps to avoid nervous stress, but also
contributes to a higher quality of life. We wish you
good mood and good spirits!
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